You know that stigma of being a dentist while you yourself or your kids has bad set of teeth? Or an architect living in a decrepit house? Well same case here. Being in the advertising industry is all about coming up with grand (and effective) ideas for your client, creative executions for a certain brand and the list of endless possibilities just goes on and on... but while I dedicate my time doing all these things, the question still lies... Is my home, being owned by an ad man, worthy of an ad?

While "the" work has its own perks and advantage, it takes much of your time both in and out of the office and mind you, "busy" is an understatement. With so much busyness going around, I tend to neglect the things which can possibly dictate my happiness - the physical status of my home. Me being happy (which can produce better communication in the office BTW; who wants a grumpy boss anyway?) means clients happy. That is why I need an instant makeover! For my home that is.

WARNING: The following images that you will see is boring. So boring that you'll die just by looking at it.

Living Room A
Living Room B
You died? Hehe. Remember my Fully Booked visit? I told you I didn't go there just to buy magazines. I was looking for big stuffs for the house and by big stuffs I meant furnitures. Yeah, you guessed it right. Living Room A and B lacks furnitures and it's bare... as bare as the ladies on the covers of FHM.

So here are the AFTER's:
After: Living Room A - 4 piece Sofa Set Php24,950 less 5% = Php23,702.50
Got the first set at 5% off in Our Home at SM North The Block. And no, they're not on sale. They just made me (and the family) wait for the new stocks only to find out that they can't give it to us. The reason? They were pre-sold and the guy who handles these items was nagbabakasakali lang that he can give it to us. Talk about being a buwaya. Sheesh... Anyway, end of story is we got what's on display plus a 5% off. Not bad? Moving on...
After: Living Room B - 3 piece Sofa Set Php14,420 less 50% = Php7,210 ONLY!!!
The 2nd set was a no-brainer. We needed something not too bulky to occupy the space (Living Room B) and it has to complement the color of the marble floor and the piano. and its 50% off in Home Depot Balintawak! BTW, the piano is going to have a makeover as well. What do you think of white? Hmm... Ivory? Oh, well, more on that in the FP's.

And this is me being (and feeling) mighty! with purple:
Blued purple polo shirt, Human shorts (formerly pants), Bench leather watch,
Marks and Spencer purple socks, Lacoste ivory hi-tops
The buying got me in the mood of well... more buying! Let me show you some teasers of the "other" items.
Did I set a Christmas mood? Anyone?
Yes, the garden needs to have a Zen feel
Ayun oh! Blurred effect!
I just realized that Christmas is fast approaching and I need somewhere/something to place the lights on. Ang alamat ng mga halaman. Bow.

The Breakdown:
1st Sofa Set  Php23,702.50 (5% deducted)
2nd Sofa Set Php7,210 (50% deducted)
Plants Php12,000 (including gravel etc...)
Total: Php42,912.50


  1. The piano looks lovely! It'll look dainty in white :D Or you can also paint it in matte black with silver/gray accents.. or red to match your Apple haha!


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