Monday, September 26, 2011


I'm into shoes. For a guy, I have quiet more than enough! You'll see more of them (shoes) in my future posts. For the meantime, let me show you what I got from one of my favorite clothing brand of late, TOPMAN.
Topman printed socks (Php945/5 pairs)
Arranged according to like factor (from the right to the left)
I got hooked on socks when I've discovered how it gives an already good outfit that extra oomph (and I'm all about the oomph!) and also because of David Guison. He makes wearing socks (printed ones) cool and a pre-requisite when it comes to dressing up/down. I also got a gray v-neck shirt when I bought this set of socks in Topman Robinsons Galleria.
Topman gray v-neck shirt (Php545)
The Breakdown:
Topman Socks Php945
Topman V-Neck Shirt Php545
Total: 1,490

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