I'm a fan of the show! Me being this frustrated wannabe artist (formerly) has singing as his fallback/backup career in mind. When NIVEA invited me and my team to watch the season premiere of Glee Season 3, NO is simply not an option. Who doesn't want free tickets and a chance to maybe see Charice again in the big screen? (also score some freebies? hehe)
See? I'm a fan! The music. Dianna Agron. And Sue Sylvester! (partly hidden, one of my big hobbies - Superman)
The premiere was held at Gateway Cinema (I forgot  which one). Getting there was not as stressful (Cubao traffic anyone?) as getting to Ortigas because my office is at West Ave. But the stressful thing is thinking that maybe the screening started already (You know how short TV episodes are right?) and that there are no more games & prizes waiting for us.

Arrived at Gtateway Cinemas figuring out which is which. Apparently, ETC and Jack TV got 3 Cinemas to hold their screening (talk about big time) but what identified OUR cinema are these:
NIVEA For Men Deo, NIVEA Visage - Layout: PMP Communications (Represent!)
NIVEA Body - Layout: PMP Communications (Promote much?)
The girl in white won the contest but nothing beats the confidence that girl in far left was projecting. NagNIVEA ka no?
Upon entering, we were given refreshments (which saved us the time and money to buy popcorns and sodas) - nachos, corndog, chicken fillet and a regular size soda. It sure is definitely a good sign. Started with free tickets then free refreshments then what? chance to win prizes in the pre-program games? Let's see...
Loved this shot. All hail NIVEA! All hail NIVEA! All hail NIVEA!
Much to the delight of everyone, NIVEA and ETC hosted 3 sets of games which lasted almost 30 minutes. The crowd went crazy when the host announced that the grand prize is a Flip video. Winning is not even a challenge! The game just involved a lot of elbow nudging, high jumps and tons of boos and ahhs- whew! who knew that catch the ball was THAT hard. NIVEA Giftpacks, Shirts and ETC Giftpacks were given away as minor prizes and lucky staff of mine was able to catch the ball for the ETC Giftpack.

Finally after the games, the show was about to start and I thought this will go down in my personal history. The shortest cinema screening I was about to experience. But surprise, surprise! The host announced that we will be watching the second season finale of Glee (New York episode) first before the premiere episode of the third season. That makes it 2 episodes in a row - more than an hour worth of screen time. Not bad eh? Sure its gonna feel like watching a full movie.
the "STARS"
Charice was welcomed with mixed reactions from the audience (even though this was aired already on TV and probably watched by the people who where there that night). What kind of reactions? Well let's just say that America has been treating Charice kindly... with lots of good food... resulting to a fuller figure. What can we do? Masarap kumain eh.
Even though Charice was nowhere to be found in the premiere episode of Glee's third season, she gave one of the most memorable performance in Glee's second season finale.

I would like to apologize for not being able to take screen shots of the premiere episode of Glee season 3. I got hooked! Can't help it. Fan here. Are we cool na? Anyway by the time i'll publish this, you're most likely was able to watch it on TV.
Event Host: LA Ferriols (she's smart! sexy and one of the best host I listened to and she blogs! Clothing Not Optional)
That girl in yellow (with that giddy look on her face) won the Flip Video. She's claiming her prize here
GLEE fanatics!!!
GLEE wannabe character
Penshoppe jacket, Gap long-sleeved shirt, Wade belt, Folded and Hung pants, J75 by Jump shoes
Thanks NIVEA! Here's to a hundred years more!


  1. HEY! Stumbled on your blog and thanks to you, I have pictures from the event so I hope you don't mind me borrowing some of them to post up :) Awesome bumping into you that night and hopefully, see you again soon! Cheers!

  2. L.A.! I'll email you your other photo. And please, feel free to grab anything you like. We'll soon see each other again. My team and I are cooking something up lang. I'll keep you posted.


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