Sunday, September 25, 2011


So it was a Saturday and everyone in the household was planning to do the "usuals" - usuals like groceries, house cleaning and stuffs that can be done on a weekend. As for me, my usuals is anything that involves spending (if you are not familiar with me yet and I'm sure you're not, please check my ABOUT ME). Even though doing groceries has big amounts of spending involved, it's not really my thing so I opted to stay and visit the friendly neighborhood shops. And this is what happened:

First stop is Jollibee! It was 3:00pm already and I haven't had any lunch yet so first on my Saturday itinerary is FOOD. While everyone had their chicken joys, I ordered this new product the BEE is offering.
Jollibee Hash Brown Burger (Php 64 ala carte)
I never got the chance to finish the whole "burger" (maybe because I had a wing?) and the funny thing is I don't even know why. For a burger, it's quite filling and to think it's not even a Champ. I'd rather have this (if ever I'll buy it again) for breakfast. Separately - 2 hash browns on the side and burger patty on the other. With gravy. And coffee.

Next on my list is TOPS (The Off Price Store), Commonwealth Branch

Affordable shirts ranging from Php199 to Php399
Why I even bothered taking this shot? I was with my niece...
...and nephew!
I got this for my soon to be 1 year old nephew. I want him to be like his uncle. Pogi and Maporma.
And this is what I got:
TOPS striped v-neck shirts at Php 299 apiece
 Before going home, I dropped  by at this newly opened Tea Shop and got something to quench my tea cravings. Is tea the new Starbucks? Looks like it.

Walked home after my tea break. Yes, walked. I live in Don Antonio Heights and these shops that I'm talking about are just a walk away. Before capping the day off, the family went to SM North EDSA and I bought magazines from my favorite bookstore Fully Booked and got the following:
(top to bottom: GQ, Vogue, Adobo Magazine)
GQ October 2011 issue; Cover: Leo Dicaprio (Php425)
Vogue October 2011 issue; Cover: Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe (Php599)
Seriously, for fear of being defensive (hehe), I buy this obsessive compulsively along with GQ. It has always been like that ever since I started collecting GQ. I'm just not used to bringing and paying for just 1 magazine at the counter anymore.
And finally, Adobo Magazine! This is where I get THE ideas. (Php180)
And that's how my Saturday was spent. By the way, buying magazines was not the only agenda why the family went to the mall. We were looking for some "big" stuffs for the house. More on that in my FP's*.

The Breakdown:
TOPS shirts(2) Php598
GQ (Mag) Php425
Vogue (Mag) Php599
Adobo (Mag) Php180
Total: Php1,802

*Future Posts

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