Saturday, September 24, 2011


Ringo, my Japanese Spitz (and first dog) impersonating Shrek's Puss 
 This is a common scenario everytime I leave the house - Ringo with his "please don't leave me" look. Being the only dog who's not caged (I have 3 more... the big kinds), Ringo by nature is very playful and spoiled big time! Why? Well, let's just say that he gets to sleep at the better side of my bed than I.

By the way, white shorts don't go really well with a hyperactive dog running around on a partly concrete lawn (stains not shown).
Topman glasses, F&H bowtie, F&H polo, Human shorts (formerly pants), J75 by Jump shoes

Valentino watch/wall clock (gifted)


  1. Ringo must have had a lot of time practicing that look in the mirror! ^^

    new follower here, via betsy's THE CAPRICIOUS CLUB, ^^

  2. this is the 2nd look that i can really defo pull off minus the bow tie. hehe another great look, paul. just like the comment above mine, im a new follower too not by any blogs but from here -> thats where i discovered your blog. :)