Friday, September 23, 2011


Hi World! This is my first post (officially) as a blogger so I'll make this as short as possible.

Why The PR Guy? Well my name is Paul Riyadh and I'm a guy. Hence, The PR Guy. While my alter ego runs an advertising agency (which happens to have its own PR Department, by the way), this blog is going to be my online receipt of the things I put my money in to. You will also get to see what I do (and wear on a daily basis), where I go, how I am as the Managing Director of PMP Communications and every now and then, events (mostly related to magazines and brands)!

I already have set a list of regular blogpost (I have to, right?) and here's what I have in store for you my dear readers:
  • Battle Of The Covers - No blood shedding whatsoever. No violence involved. Just pure & unbiased comparison of our local magazines' covers and yes this is gonna be on a monthly basis. Your opinion matters and who knows, I might throw in a little surprise for you. A year subscription of your favorite magazine perhaps? Hmm...
  • GQ, I C U - Yeah, I'm a fan of THE magazine and this is my best attempt to copy at least one of their featured looks in their editorials. This is like Look For Less (Male Style). What I C in GQ every month, U will see.
  • Blogger Highlight - My featured blogger of the day.
  • Events, events, and tons of events! You'll be seeing a lot of these. Heck, my company even started as an events group. That's why. Okay...?
  • Brands that I like/love/loathe - Need I say more?
  • TOTD - Tools Of The Trade. While your favorite fashion and beauty bloggers has their daily OTD's, I have my own TOTD's. This basically covers every gadgets and stuffs that I need to function as a blogger and as a business person in the advertising industry.
  • ...and tons of things and topics where spending is involved.
I hope you won't regret browsing through my page and I promise you, you won't get that corporate crap that I project on a regular working day. This is me, being (and feeling) young - while burning a hole in my pocket in the process. Enjoy!


  1. Saw the link in Bestie's blog. Congrats Paul! Your blog looks great. :D I think it's gonna be successful.

    Keep it up,

    PS Let's catch up soon, alright?

  2. Mommy G, thanks for the welcome! Since you are the first commenter (ever), I have a surprise for you! Watch out for it.:)

  3. Liz, thanks! You're one of the inspiration behind this.:) And yes, let's. See you soon!

  4. The blog name reminds me of Luke Brandon of shopaholic.. I dont know why.. :D