Sunday, October 30, 2011


For this post, I'm paying tribute to one of the brands that I like - Ferretti! Yes, it's mainly a woman's brand and we go well, a long way back professionally (is a year long enough? hehe). So why I like this particular brand? Let me count the ways...
  1. Ferretti, in spite of the Italian sounding name, is a Pinoy brand!
  2. Ferretti has a cool/nice owner! You know I love you Ms.Cecille!
  3. Ferretti makes the best if not good quality shoes for women. They have been making Filipina feet feel spoiled and pampered at a fraction of a price compared to other shoe brands with the same quality!
  4. Ferretti has men's shoes na! Finally...
Yes, you read it right. Ferretti has something for us men. Let me show you how I built my look up with the Ferretti Espadrilles which they sent me,

Ray-Ban wayfarer, Topman shirt, Topman skinny carrots, Off-White plaid polo,
Ferretti espadrilles

Rule of the thumb (in my experience that is), if buying a pair of espadrilles, get 1 size smaller than your actual size. I'm an 8 so that's why I requested for a 7 and it fits perfectly!
I brought my pair to a recent trip in Zambales. Specks of sand explained. 
Ferretti plaid espadrilles at Php945
Unlike the typical espadrilles, Ferretti's - aside from the fabric, has an inner lining which gives the shoes a sturdier built. Like most ones, they tend to slip at the back part and that can be  a little bit annoying but with Ferretti, even if you got the shoes your actual size (or slightly bigger), be assured that it will stay on.

Photos by Lisa

That's 3 Cs for Ferretti! Casual, Cool & Comfort.

To get an update on the latest collections of Ferretti, like their page on Facebook and don't forget to check their Blog.

Thanks Ms.Cecille!
Thanks Liz!

Hmm... next on my wish list are Ferretti brogues, topsiders, boots... keep 'em coming please!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Things are pretty intense in the office lately. I say, embrace the intensity! Fight fire with fire! - that's my inspiration here.

Ray-Ban wayfarer, Regatta long sleeved polo, Wade belt, Bench black pants, Tag Heuer watch, Zara shoes
Photos by Bestie

Taken inside Chicken Charlie, Banawe. Thanks for the red wall and of course, awesome food!
Wore this to a project briefing in Banawe. What project? I'll give you a hint...
Thanks P and R for these!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Let me share how I saw Zambales through the eyes of a fish... Lomo Fisheye view that is.


Remember my Things To Bring On An Outing post? Finally, I was able to try my Fisheye Camera during the company's outing in Zambales. But before I show you my masterpieces (hehe), let me show you first the hard ware.

I'm not gonna go into details anymore ok? Allow me to say that I'm just partial to the color red. This particular camera works on film. It doesn't need a battery to operate but if you need the assistance of a flash, that's another option to use one. Looks good no?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Running a company is not an easy feat especially if you're a very hands-on type of a boss. Meetings everywhere, pitching (and a whole lot of pitching!), and the ultimate challenge - the staffs. And if things tend to get out of hand to the point of hell breaking loose, of course I have to stand up and act how a real boss should... in style!

Ray-Ban wayfarer, SM Dept. Store's Main Street blazer and polo, Solo pants, Frank
by Kartel shoes
Wore this today to a contract signing with the people behind SMX and Megatrade Hall. Yes guys, PMP Communications (officially) will be the organizer of next year's big events on the said venues! PFW not included though.:( By the way, this shot was taken in SMX on the third day of PFW.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


On a not Zambales-related post, allow me to share some photos I took using Apple (my Canon 1100D) during one of my visits in Puerto Galera a couple of months back.

I just played with my ISO settings and boom! result: wow shots!
parang si kenkoy lang ah

Super Saiyan mode si ate
This was taken at night (obviously) at the beach of Puerto Galera. There were fire dancers, I have my camera and out of curiosity as to how to capture light writing shots like that of the Nescafe TV Ad, I simply tweaked my camera's settings here and there and voila! Money shots!

Monday, October 24, 2011


And we're back to regular blogging! It's been quiet a while! The company went on a team building/ outing in Zambales this past weekend and I was supposed to update you first before leaving but mind you, last Friday's office schedule (aside from the actual trip itself) is waaayy beyond crazy! So crazy that I wasn't able to steal a portion of my time to blog! Pasensya na.

So here's what I got myself for the trip:

So... want to see what's inside those bags? But before I do the big reveal, I have to warn you (especially those who are first time visitors) that this blog is mainly about spending. So if one day you'll see me on the street begging for food (with my Ray-Ban's on) please find time to stop and believe that I'm actually begging ok? Blame it on the blog. Anyway, here are the stuffs!

This is my first Ray-Ban. Pangarap ko to. Vampire mode on the beach in Zambales. Harhar!
Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer at Php7,990 less 10% = Php7,191 (Bought at Sarabia Optical Robinsons Galleria)
What started as a simple desire to capture good photos is becoming quiet an addicting and at the same time expensive hobby... of collecting cameras. Please. Help. Me. Stop.
iPhone bumper case at Php300 apiece, Camera film at Php745 (3 rolls), Lomo Fisheye Camera at Php2,995 (All from Trilogy Boutique)
I also got this as a present from Ferretti. Yes, Ferretti has stuffs for men na! Finally. More on this in my FP's. Thanks Ms.Cecille!
Ferretti Plaid Espadrilles
So there! Another day, another round of spending. I'm happy with my latest (material) acquisitions but what made me happiest was the awesome time I had with my PMP Communications family. Here's to more years of bonding/team-building/feasting/bruising/body-aching to come!

The Breakdown:
Ray-Ban Wayfarers Php7,190
iPhone bumper cases (x2) Php600
Camera film Php745
Lomo Fisheye camera Php2,995
Total: Php11,530

Thursday, October 20, 2011


In my continuous search for the right stuffs for my GQ I C U October look, I came across these neck accessories from CEO (SM North, The Block).
CEO Necktie at Php295
CEO button-on leather bow tie at Php195
I'm more of a bow tie than a necktie guy but anything for my readers and this blog. My GQ outfit needs one! By the way, here's an update: I'm 75% complete of my two looks. The other 25% is very vital though because until now, I still don't have a DB! The pressure is on because GQ came out with their November issue (already!). I. Must. Come. Up. With. My. GQ I C U look. ASAP.

Obviously, the title of my post says it all but there's more to that! I'm neck and neck with my blogger self and my corporate persona responsibility-wise. I thought blogging will just be a past time, now I'm an addict!

The Breakdown:
CEO necktie Php295
CEO bow tie Php195
Total: Php490

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Dressing up for something as sophisticated as the Jimmy Choo Fragrance Launch is quiet a daunting task. Of course, there are people to impress and by people I meant the press. Thank God we're not in the states where what celebrities wear are fodder for shows such as Fashion Police. Come to think of it... I'm not a celebrity and as a blogger, I'm part of the press!

So here's What I Wore to the Jimmy Choo Fragrance Launch:
Trilogy glasses, Penshoppe blazer, Topman shirt, Penshoppe pants, Vans shoes
Yes, yes. I'm trying to be casual cool here. It's 4:00 in the afternoon, gadzooks! If it was an evening affair, now that's a different thing. You'll be seeing James Bond! Haha. I kid you not.

Anyway, here's What I Got:
Jimmy Choo EDT sample mini bottle
Jimmy Choo EDP sample mini bottle
Jimmy Choo set of 3 pouches
Undated Paul & Joe Makeup Makeover worth Php2,500
As expected, since this is a women's fragrance launch, the brand gave away stuffs fit for women. Not that I expected anything from them (inviting me was THE bomb) But who I am to complain? There's a lucky reader out there who will be getting this loot bag from Jimmy Choo. Soon.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Prestige Brands for the effort of preparing something I can use. You didn't have to guys but you did and all I can say is thank you!

Now you must be curious eh? Here it is:
Gap white shirt
Mont Blanc Legend sample mini bottle
Of course, this I won't give away. Hehe.

Again, thank you Melai (and Bestie!) and Prestige Brands Philippines for the invite. Looking forward to the next one!