Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Running a company is not an easy feat especially if you're a very hands-on type of a boss. Meetings everywhere, pitching (and a whole lot of pitching!), and the ultimate challenge - the staffs. And if things tend to get out of hand to the point of hell breaking loose, of course I have to stand up and act how a real boss should... in style!

Ray-Ban wayfarer, SM Dept. Store's Main Street blazer and polo, Solo pants, Frank
by Kartel shoes
Wore this today to a contract signing with the people behind SMX and Megatrade Hall. Yes guys, PMP Communications (officially) will be the organizer of next year's big events on the said venues! PFW not included though.:( By the way, this shot was taken in SMX on the third day of PFW.

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