So it's October already and guess what? It's time for my first ever GQ I C U post! I'll give you an idea on what's going to happen (if you didn't bothered checking my first post) given that this is my first post for this particular segment of my blog.

I'll be featuring looks from one of the fashion editorials of GQ on a monthly/issue basis. Here I'll show you my top pick and at my best effort, copy it. Just allow me at least a week or two to sort through my stuffs or buy if I have to.

So for this month, Leonardo DiCaprio is on the cover

And for their featured editorial, they had american actor Michael B. Jordan (not the legend) model the latest looks this fall. Apparently, the DB (double-breasted suit) is making a comeback. And it's the bigger and brasher version of the 70's look!
info: In clothing, the term double-breasted refers to a coat or jacket with wide, overlapping front flaps and two parallel columns of button or snaps (source: wikipedia) 

The Return of '70s Swank

Learn the Five Hallmarks of the New DB
1. A Bolder Peak - Every suit featured here has a peak lapel. It's a crucial part of the bigger personality of the DB.
2. A Wider Lapel - The rules of double breasted are different. Get used to a wider lapel than on your single-breasteds. That's part of what gives you that updated 1970s vibe you're after.
3. Six Buttons, of Course - We're classicists on this front: In almost every case, we like a six-button jacket.
4. That Tweaked shape - The key to the DB's macho look is strong shoulders that taper to a narrow waist. If your jacket looks too boxy, have a tailor take in the sides. 
5. A New, Shorter Length - The DB looks fresh once again because designers have modernized the cut, truncating the length of the jacket for this 2011 take on the look.

It's obvious that most of the DB suits featured here are for the citizens of the western hemisphere. And just when I thought that I can't pull something off (to copy) from the pages of GQ's October issue, along came THE look that I thought "hey, this is something that I can wear to the office without people (my staffs) asking me BAGUIO sir?"
My GQ I C U pick.
But wait, there's two! Hmm... What should I do? Which should I pick? Scratch that thought. Why pick one when I can pick both and make this special since this is my first GQ I C U post?

What do you think guys? Would you pick the same look/s as well?

C Me When I C U alright? (in two weeks time, that is)

All photos and captions are properties of GQ (October 2011) /
Photos by: Kai Z. Feng

PS: To those of you who are curious as to what the GQ cover boy's spread is like, see below:
What do you think? Should I get my inspiration from Leo's spread? Or should I stick to my not-so-big-of-a-star (Michael B. Jordan) editorial? Personally, I prefer the latter because Leo is well, a big star. And I don't like pressures. Hehe. So what do you think? I know you know better.


  1. Sorry, but to be totally honest, the minute I saw that Leonardo was on the cover, all I could think was "What's the Leo spread like?" So... what's the Leo spread like? :p

  2. WonderWoman, to answer that, see my updated post. Apparently, Leo's editorial is ahm... er, too overwhelming for me. He's big and I'm worried that there are Leo die-hard fans out there who will kill me if I won't be able to do justice to what he did in this issue of GQ.:( I'm scared you know. Hehe.

  3. why would you be scared?haha! anyway Leo's so cute in the third-from-the-last pic..:) he looked so boyish trying to make play card tower.. hehe..:)
    p.s. i soo love your blog! yours was very different from other guy blogs i know.. most of them were about techie stuff and other guy things that i can't relate much.. :)

  4. Jen, just when I thought that I need to post more techie stuffs then came in your comment. Haha.:) kidding aside, who wouldn't be scared of copying Leo? I chose the lesser of the two stars. Para relatable ang dating kuno.:)

  5. Oh! I love Michael B. Jordan! I recon you stay with your original pick since Leo's spread is a bit more of a this photo came out of a movie sort of spread. I like Michel's better because a) he is hot b) his smile c) it is more fashion editorial and I do love double breasted coats. The way GQ made its come back like the 70s is waaay better and wouldn't it be better to pick an outfit that isn't conventional? Anyway, I like the outfit you picked. The left outfit is formal and the right one is semi-formal because of the jeans. I think it'd be a good thing if you got to do a shoot on both outfits. You could weigh in which outfit is better to wear in the Philippines. Well, that's my two cents. Sorry for being wordy. Haha. Btw, I'm thinking of buying a DSLR. Is Apple doing you great justice? :)


  6. Hi Thea! Of course I'll do a photo shoot for both outfits. I'm still in the process of searching/buying. Hehe. Regarding Apple, yes she does what she does best! Everything about her is A-easy plus the fact that I get second looks from people (or is it her?) is a bonus. Lakas makagwapo!:)

    PS: I like long comments. No worries.:)


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