11th of October, Tuesday, was the launch of the first (ever) Jimmy Choo Fragrance in Rustan's Makati.

Melai of Style and Soul invited Bestie of the Capricious Club who in turn invited me to the event. Little did I know that Bestie only did (invite me), because the event was at 4:00pm and it was  a Tuesday - meaning she can't go out of the office yet because of work. But since I'm her boss, she got away with attending the event by tagging me along. Very shrewd. I like. Lucky (and legally) for Bestie, I have a meeting set at 2:00pm at Greenbelt that same day as well. I guess the Greek goddesses was on Bestie's favor that day (she's half-greek / half-salad you know).

Note: Pardon me if I am such a bully. I'm just being bitter on something only she (Bestie) knows.

So on with the launch!

Everytime I hear the brand "Jimmy Choo", I always see Carrie Bradshaw coming in the picture and Samantha's craaazzzyy antics in Sex & the City (Yes, I watch the show. It's my guilty pleasure! haha). It's hard for me not to associate the brand with the show because those girls practically live in Jimmy Choo's (shoes that is).

For me, Jimmy Choo = Shoes. That's logic for me. But when I got the invite stating that the brand is launching its first fragrance in the Philippines, I thought, "now, this is something".

Me and Bestie arrived at the event a little late. It was raffle time when we got there!
Of course, it wouldn't be a Jimmy Choo launch without the special participation of the shoes. That's what they raffled off here. And yes, that's Tessa Prieto hosting the event. She did a perfect job by the way.
So who attended the event? Aside from the socialites, celebrities and the press people (mostly from society magazines), here are the women who granted me permission to take their photos:
Cristina of Strutting On Sunshine 
Angel of Wonder Woman Rises
Ava of Artsy Fartsy Ava 
Melai of Style and Soul 
Miriam Quiambao
Preview Magazine's Agoo Bengzon
Phoemela Barranda
Tess Prieto - Valdes
And more photos...
Say hello to Melai's Canon (and her hand accessories)!
Say hello to Bestie's hair. They just had their nails done, until now hindi pa natutuyo.
Group shot with Tessa
At the Jimmy Choo photowall - Angel, Ava, Melai and Bestie 
Tessa with Prestige Brand Philippines' Bosses 
Haha. That's me fooling around. Why do bloggers have to be so agaw-eksena?
Mr. Saxophonist. He played the Sex and the City song! Much to the delight of me.

And there you go.

The Jimmy Choo EDT is something the Sex and the City characters (and their real life personas) would wear during the day. I'm not an expert when it comes to perfumes (women's at that!) but all I can say is that this is the scent that I would appreciate on a well dressed working woman. It's sweet, but not too sweet. A whiff of this scent would definitely give us guys the "perk me up" we need in the morning. It will leave you in anticipation of hoping to catch it again and again and again. Seriously, it's addicting!

Thank you Melai and Prestige Brands Philippines for inviting me. Looking forward to the next launch!


  1. Paul, nice photos! I'd be grabbing a lot! :) Ganda ko dyan eh, haha :p Till next event (sana di kayo busy)! Hey following you ah!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. greek salad talaga?lol
    pero ang utak ni ms. bestie ha?haha!
    btw, un pala c wonderwoman?:)
    and lastly, jimmy choo shoes for giveaway?

  3. Melai - Thanks! Grab away...Don't forget to invite me and Bestie ok? We'll find time. I'll find time for her. Hehe...

    Jen - Yes, Bestie is a Greek Salad. Yes, Angel is Wonder Woman (Shhh... secret lang). And yes, Jimmy Choo shoes as the giveaway.

    Bestie - More bullying to come.:) Harhar...

  4. I own two bottle of this perfume. The one is a gift from my friend because she knew I'm obsessed with the scent of this perfume. :)

    women pheromones


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