Sunday, October 30, 2011


For this post, I'm paying tribute to one of the brands that I like - Ferretti! Yes, it's mainly a woman's brand and we go well, a long way back professionally (is a year long enough? hehe). So why I like this particular brand? Let me count the ways...
  1. Ferretti, in spite of the Italian sounding name, is a Pinoy brand!
  2. Ferretti has a cool/nice owner! You know I love you Ms.Cecille!
  3. Ferretti makes the best if not good quality shoes for women. They have been making Filipina feet feel spoiled and pampered at a fraction of a price compared to other shoe brands with the same quality!
  4. Ferretti has men's shoes na! Finally...
Yes, you read it right. Ferretti has something for us men. Let me show you how I built my look up with the Ferretti Espadrilles which they sent me,

Ray-Ban wayfarer, Topman shirt, Topman skinny carrots, Off-White plaid polo,
Ferretti espadrilles

Rule of the thumb (in my experience that is), if buying a pair of espadrilles, get 1 size smaller than your actual size. I'm an 8 so that's why I requested for a 7 and it fits perfectly!
I brought my pair to a recent trip in Zambales. Specks of sand explained. 
Ferretti plaid espadrilles at Php945
Unlike the typical espadrilles, Ferretti's - aside from the fabric, has an inner lining which gives the shoes a sturdier built. Like most ones, they tend to slip at the back part and that can be  a little bit annoying but with Ferretti, even if you got the shoes your actual size (or slightly bigger), be assured that it will stay on.

Photos by Lisa

That's 3 Cs for Ferretti! Casual, Cool & Comfort.

To get an update on the latest collections of Ferretti, like their page on Facebook and don't forget to check their Blog.

Thanks Ms.Cecille!
Thanks Liz!

Hmm... next on my wish list are Ferretti brogues, topsiders, boots... keep 'em coming please!

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