Why not? - says the rockstar wannabe inside me. I know that my business partner might not approve of it (for some corporate status that I have to uphold, hehe) but come on, I'm helping a friend out here.

I was asked by a friend who works for an HMO company to model for them for their 2012 brand update. It was a Sunday photo shoot (which I don't mind because that's the only time I can do stuffs like this... ahm model) and the materials that will come out of this will be used for their calendar, website, brochures and the like for their 2012 marketing collaterals so expect to see a lot of me (and Bestie! - yes, she also came. At my request...NOT! I threatened her for her job).

I was kind of hesitant for a second to do it because first, I'm not a model and secondly, I'm too short to be one. But because this is a friend that we are talking about, who am I to say no? Sabi nya gwapo daw kasi ako eh so sabi ko naman, sige na nga. Hehe.

Moving on, allow me to share what happened through these BTS photos:
A portion of my stuffs which I brought for the shoot. See? I am not even prepared. I have to pass by SM North to buy a couple of jogging shorts that same day because apparently, aside from being myself - a boss, I also have a jogging scene which I just found out that same day... at 6:30am... while I was still sleeping.
Bestie being mobbed by a fan...NOT! She's my and Bestie's makeup artist. I guess she's just proud of what she did and decided to take a photo of her work. I'm sure she's just gonna delete it. (Bitter - she didn't take my photo)
Hey Pax! Look, she's imitating your famous pose!
My first take. Parang sa totoong buhay lang ah.
I know you'd kill me for this but Bestie, you know you can put your hand down while the makeup artist does your retouch
Si ate niretouch pa ako, blurred naman ako dito sa shot na to
Me playing the "creepy" doctor
Loved this shot! With Sweet of The Company. Yes, she moonlights as a makeup artist! She's willing to give voice lessons to me in exchange of my Red Canon 1100D.
My last take was this jogging scene. Anne (with the stets) was my coach. She's rough you know.
Now let me summarize what I wore for the shoot chronologically,
1st look, the Executive - Penshoppe blazer, Memo white polo, Solo pants, Frank by Kartel shoes
2nd look, the "baduy" doctor - Topman glasses, Memo polo, oversized lab coat (stylist' own)
Note: This was not part of the plan. There was no one to play the doctor and I happen to be there. I thought "uy, overexposure na to ah" but they told me that I'll just be in the background all blurry and white. Sayang naman!
Last look, the sports buff - Adidas top and bottom, Lacoste shoes
And this is what I wore before and after the shoot.
Penshoppe blazer, TOPS shirt, Penshoppe shorts, J75 by Jump shoes
And that's it! It was a fun experience. Something I look forward to doing again and again... in my dreams. Now back to work.

Credits to Lans and Bestie who took these photos.


  1. Hey Nadin! Aww.. I don't know what to say. Thank you. Sana wala nang po. Hehe.


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