Thursday, October 20, 2011


In my continuous search for the right stuffs for my GQ I C U October look, I came across these neck accessories from CEO (SM North, The Block).
CEO Necktie at Php295
CEO button-on leather bow tie at Php195
I'm more of a bow tie than a necktie guy but anything for my readers and this blog. My GQ outfit needs one! By the way, here's an update: I'm 75% complete of my two looks. The other 25% is very vital though because until now, I still don't have a DB! The pressure is on because GQ came out with their November issue (already!). I. Must. Come. Up. With. My. GQ I C U look. ASAP.

Obviously, the title of my post says it all but there's more to that! I'm neck and neck with my blogger self and my corporate persona responsibility-wise. I thought blogging will just be a past time, now I'm an addict!

The Breakdown:
CEO necktie Php295
CEO bow tie Php195
Total: Php490


  1. Awaaaaard for you:

  2. I say bowtie! But I like the "breakdown thing" gusto ko gawin kapag super mura ng suot ko. haha para they won't believe the total. hehe

    Melai of Style and Soul

  3. WonderWoman - Wow, thanks for the award! Wait, I have to come up with my own set of awards right? Hmm...

  4. Melai - The breakdown thing is the main concept of this blog.:) I need to show you how I spend! Haha. Sorry, very late reply. Just got back from Zambales (along with Bestie and the whole team for an outing).