I was invited to attend the official launch of PENTAX Q, the world's smallest  interchangeable lens digital camera last Wednesday (October 5) at Annabel's Tomas Morato. It was the first event that I was invited as a blogger and at the same time as a PR person and I couldn't be more excited. I brought my girls (PR Associates) Bestie and Lorraine along with me and who knew that it was a lucky day for one of them.
Sure it felt like PENTAX rented the whole place just for the launch. Annabel's was turned into a PENTAX museum that day.
I'll talk about the PENTAX Q in another post, for the meantime let me share the highlights of the launch,
Head-on comparison of the PENTAX Q with a Canon DSLR

SurfDoc Mark Dimalanta who is also a PENTAX Brand Ambassador shared his passion, photography of course!
Bestie checking out the hardware
Introducing, the PENTAX Q! It came out of Mark's pocket. Yes, according to him, it's pocketable. 
Who let the stars in? Who, who, who, who, who?

Gladdys sure is delighted with the PENTAX 645D. Who wouldn't be? It's worth more than half a million!
Mark Dimalanta with his monster of a PENTAX
I'm sure PENTAX was more than happy with the launch's turnout. So happy that it rained PENTAX cameras that day as prizes for their not-so-challenging games. It was very generous of the company to do so but everyone was expecting a PENTAX Q as one of the prizes since it was the camera's launch but lo and behold, at the latter part of the event, the good people behind the camera brand distributed P20,000 off gift vouchers for the PENTAX Q unit if you buy it at any of the outlets where the brand is available. Not bad if I say so myself given that the unit is a whopping P39,990!

One of the game is an on-the-spot photo contest using none other than the PENTAX Q. I was too busy to join the contest but it's alright, my associates joined on my behalf and guess what? One of them won! Here are their entries:
Lorraine's entry (yes, that hair belongs to Bestie, and the pile of bracelets too!)
Bestie's entry (this is not a mini baul, this is a photo!)
And the winner is...
Bestie! She won a PENTAX Optio RS1000!
Other than Bestie, 2 friends from SPEED and HWM whom I invited to the event also won the raffle. They both got PENTAX cameras as well. Hmm, I must be their lucky charm eh? Hehe.

Even if the event was the launch of the PENTAX Q, one particular camera stole the spotlight out of the Q and it's the PENTAX 645D.
The PENTAX 645D is P599,000 just for the body! With lens, it's P659,900 lang naman.
 Also on display was PENTAX's wide range of DSLR's and point & shoot cameras.
Ooh... another red camera! PENTAX RZ10
PENTAX KR at P32,990 - P41,990 (depending on the lens)
PENTAX Optio WG-1 GPS at P21,990 and the WG-1 at P19,990
PENTAX Optio S1 at P7,990
PENTAX Optio RS1000 at P5,990 only! It comes with a set of cool interchangeable Faceplates.
PENTAX Optio RS1500 at P5,990. Also has interchangeable Faceplates.
And of course, the PENTAX Q,
PENTAX Q at P39,990. Also available in black.
Did you know that PENTAX has been in the camera industry for quiet a very long time? No? Well let me say that amidst the CANON and NIKON flooded camera market today, PENTAX (I'm sure) is here to stay.

Let me close this post with an interview from Chad of Ambush Online,
Please do check Chad's blog. It's It was my first time to meet him and I was more than happy to oblige for an interview. Thanks for the feature Chad!

So that's it! I'll give you more details on the PENTAX Q on my FP's and who knows? I might throw in some freebies as well. PENTAX Q, you like?


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