Friday, October 14, 2011


I first encountered Trilogy Boutique & Canteen virtually in where else? Facebook! And much to the diligence of the admins of their FB Fanpage, I get sale updates all the time! Not that I'm complaining but it's hard for me to get to Makati from West Ave if I want to get my hands on their "good" sale stuffs on time. So one day, as luck (and work) granted the opportunity for me to visit a client whose office is along Rada St. Makati, I told myself that I'm not going home without checking the store (and eat!) and buy a thing or two or three in that case.

The meeting ended at around 3:00pm and we haven't had lunch yet so the next obvious thing to do is eat. Of course in Canteen. Inside Trilogy Boutique! How cool is that?

I like the "food in a clothing store" concept of Trilogy Boutique. Isn't it annoying that every time you step inside your favorite clothing store, the guard will stop you and point (menacingly) to the signage that says "No Food Allowed Inside"? and you don't have any choice but to leave your favorite frappucino at their crowded baggage counter and you go and agonize at the thought of your drink getting less and less colder? Well I personally agree to that rule but isn't it nice to shop while holding something to eat or drink? Well, Trilogy Boutique offers you that guilty pleasure (I may say).

The food I should say is good! So good that it deserves a separate post (on my other blog?).

You know where this door leads to? Yes, to the toilet! You know what they say,
Do No.2 at Door No.2. (Crap - no pun intended, I just made that up) 

And here's what I bought. Got a little carried away...

Vans Yellow/True White shoes at Php2,298 
It comes with a free yellow shoelace 
Black iPhone Bumper Case at Php300 
Terry Clear Glasses at Php700
So that's it! Another day of (happy) spending. I don't know when I'll be back but for sure, soon. And I hope that I'll be able to time my visit during one of their sales.

You can follow Trilogy Boutique & Canteen here:
I tell you, they have good stuffs! and good food as well.

The Breakdown:
Vans Shoes Php2,298
iPhone Bumper Case Php300
Clear Glasses Php700
Total: Php3,298

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