How's everyone doing? I hope the weather won't hinder whatever plans you have this weekend. As for me, I have a meeting with one of my favorite client later in Makati (something's cooking for my dear readers and yes, they have work on Saturdays) and supposedly another one in Trinoma which I cancelled earlier because of the impossibility to get from point A (Makati) to point B (Trinoma) on time due to the foreseen traffic caused by this crazy weather. Meeting #2 was to discuss about a camera launch happening next week BUT I guess Monday sounds better than a rainy Saturday. And speaking of camera, let me introduce...

...Apple! My new DSLR: CANON 1100D

Why I got this camera? Let me count the ways:

  1. It's red.
  2. It's easy to use compared to its predecessors.
  3. It can turn photos into beautiful videos with just a quick flick of the mode dial! It captures HD movies at 1280 x 720p resolution. quoted*
  4. Did I say it's red already? I did? Well it's also available in black, brown, and metallic gray.
  5. And finally, it's cheap! Retailing at Php31,950, this camera is cheap compared to most DSLR's with the same features.
Buying this camera also pushed me into blogging! I had been seriously contemplating to start my own blog this past few months but what gave me the GREEN signal was these press releases which I read from Men's Health August 2011 issue...
...and Lifestyle Asia September 2011 issue!
The articles simply highlighted that the EOS 1100D is for either a blogger or a hobbyist who's just starting (MH Article*), built for bloggers and those with significant presence online (LA Article**). Upon reading the articles, I thought ouch! tinamaan ako. And with no second thoughts, I bought this in ElectroWorld in SM Clark (during one of my recent trips to Pampanga) and also got an 8GB SD Card, a Vanguard tripod and a Vanguard photobag as freebies. Not bad eh?

Here's a crisp shot of my "Apple" using my iPhone4 (oooh... another apple!)

You don't have to wonder why I named my camera "Apple" even if it's not an Apple brand. C'mon, it looks so deliciously red! So good that sometimes I just want to sink my teeth into its luscious red... oh, sorry. Got carried away.

By the way, I started naming my stuffs ever since a friend of mine christened my Expedition "Peddy". I'm weird that way.

PS: The first 5 shots of my "Apple" was taken using this:
It's another CANON! An EOS 1000D. This packs one hell of a shot! Still.

PPS: TOTD doesn't mean The Outfit of The Day. It's Tools Of The Trade. Blogging Trade that is. Enjoy your bed this weekend everyone! (Crazy weather!)


  1. I name all of my gadgets, too. :) Haha. Named my new BlackBerry Troy after Zac Efron in High School Musical... ... ... *awkward silence* Ahem. Can't wait to get this camera myself while they still have it in red. Thank you for confirming its awesomeness! Need. To. Save.

  2. you evil!i also want this one right now!haha!

  3. hi i would like to ask how you find this camera? i'm planning to buy but don't know if it's worth it. do you also use other lenses like 50mm for this? thanks!

  4. rci - Hi! Aside from the attention that I get from Apple, everything is ALL worth it. And would you believe that I got my 50mm just today? So far it serves its purpose really well. Will post shots using my 50mm lens soon. Go buy, and then tell me all about it.

  5. Thanks! I'm getting the 50mm too. Will watch out for your shots.


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