I just recently got my very own PENTAX Q and so far, I like everything about it. From its appearance (I got the white one!), features, and "pocket-ability", you simply can't go wrong with the Q especially if you are a stylish blogger who is experiencing a strain of wrist pain developed on years (exaggerated, yeah) of lugging around your giant DSLR.

I would like to remind you that I'm no expert when it comes to gadgets (even if I have lots of it), and this is not a tech blog (for fear of sounding boring). Now for my Tools Of The Trade feature, i would like to present you the "Q",
The PENTAX Q. Dubbed as the world's smallest and lightest interchangeable lens camera, it boasts of 12.4 megapixels to deliver high quality, high-resolution still images and full HD movies. (Yes, that's my white Q on my hand)
The Q represents an evolution in interchangeable lens digital camera design featuring the smallest and lightest body. It offers versatility and precision of an advanced DLSR in a body that is significantly smaller than every other ILC available in the market today.

Users can choose from a range of lenses which include prime, zoom, fisheye lenses and more that will suit their style, preference and photographic needs.
One remarkable feature of this camera is that even experienced photographers can get to enjoy the power and flexibility of a traditional DSLR shooting modes such as program, aperture, shutter priority, and metered manual exposure control.

Casual shooters on the other hand, will appreciate the highly convenient automatic modes such as the set-it-and-forget-it PENTAX Auto Picture and 21 scene modes.

And with just a quick click of a dial,

You will get these:
Dial #1
Dial #2
Dial #3
Dial #4
"Photography helps people to see."
 - Berenice Abbott

Yes, I do believe so. So in order for me to let you see (since it's gonna be hard for me to talk more about the features), I'll just show you what the Q can do. All you have to do is take one good shot of your subject...

...and simply apply creative digital filters to captured images! Like this:
Toy Camera
High Contrast
Invert Color
Extract Color
Water Color
Sketch Filter
Frame Composite
Base Parameter Adj
The Q is packed with powerful shooting modes such as Program, Aperture/Shutter Priority and Metered Manual exposure control usually found in regular DSLRs. For beginners, there's the highly convenient Auto Picture and 21 Scene Modes. Other features include a variety of creative modes and Smart Effect options that will enable you to enhance your photos. Choose from Brilliant Color, Vintage Color, Warm Fade, Bold Monochrome and Water Color which you can assign to the Q's quick dial for easy access.

All of these features in a small and lightweight scratch resistant magnesium alloy body that you can take anywhere. And being dubbed as "the world's smallest camera with interchangeable lens", it's so small it's the size of one's palm!
Also available in black
The PENTAX Q is Php39,990 and the kit comes with a standard prime lens. Now all I need to do is save up for the other four (4) lenses. You might ask, do I need it all? My answer is no. I'm just OC that way. I know, I know... It's getting worse.

If you want to know more about the Q, visit


  1. naku!ayan kna!ngstart kna magpost about techie stuff!hehe..don't worry, i'm gonna follow you pdin nman e..:D anyway, ang liit nman nyan, per0 ang mhal ha?mas mhal pa sa dslr mo..hmm..an0 mas gst0 mo sa dlawa?c apple o c Q?o.O

  2. Jen - Haha. Thanks for following me still.:) Apple has a special place in my heart but the Q is something I can bring to a black tie/formal event. They both look good and they function well enough for me though.

  3. kunsabagay..may point ka jan!:)


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