Tuesday, November 1, 2011


It was a Sunday. Still at the house. Vacation delayed. Heavy traffic north bound. The sun is setting down and all I have is my yellow Vans shoes and my Ray-Ban's on. Might as well go to church... and spend (at the side).

Ray-Ban wayfarer, Blued polo shirt, Oris diver's watch, Penshoppe pants, Vans shoes
The Sun was literally at my feet (see shoes, heh) and there was nothing left to do but spend (pun intended) the rest of the day at the mall after church.

I go to church at Victory Galleria. Imagine the temptations (of spending) that presents itself right after you step out of the church! Well it's temptation when you don't give in and it's called spending when you do. in my case, I never feel tempted (ever!) to buy something if that something is something I like. So here's what I got...
From top to bottom: Topman necklace/watch, Topman bowtie, The Best Of This Is A Crazy Planets by Loured Ernest H. de Veyra, GQ November issue, Vogue November issue, Hanford white and gray tank tops, Topman denim long sleeved polo
Topman necklace/watch at Php1,195
Topman bowtie at Php347 (50% discounted)
The Best Of This Is A Crazy Planets by Lourd Ernest H. de Veyra at Php195
GQ November issue at Php425 (On the cover: Eminem, Keith Richards & Lil Wayne)
Vogue November 2011 issue at Php599 (On the cover: Rooney Mara of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo)
Hanford white tank top at Php174.75 and gray tank top at Php219.75
Topman denim long sleeved polo at Php1,347.50 (50% discounted)

The photos of the haul was taken on the morning of the eve of All Saints day. I was multi-tasking in preparation for the (catch-up) vacation we originally planned last Friday. But still, nothing like a fresh breather away from Manila. How about you? Where'd you went this long, long weekend?

The Breakdown:
Topman necklace/watch Php1,195
Topman bowtie Php347
Lourd's book Php195
GQ November issue Php425
Vogue November issue Php599
Hanford white tank top Php174.75
Hanford gray tank top Php219.75
Topman denim polo Php1,347.50
Total: Php4,503


  1. you spent a lot dude..,but they are really cool items..i saw you wearing the denim long sleeved with the bowtie on the presscon with dir joel. your peg is so astig..... actually i have the same denim you have but I lost it in cab :-(

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  2. Marco - yes, I do spend a lot. I'm guilty of this crime. Don't shoot me. Hehe. Sayang Topman denim mo. I got mine on sale.

  3. i was drunk that time.. kaya wala ng pakialam sa mga gamit...lol.

    hope to see you again sa mga events..