Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Yes, you read that right. I'm part of Bloggers United 2!
Manila's finest fashion bloggers will leave their laptops at home (I'm not!) once again to attend Bloggers United Bazaar (Part 2) on December 3, 2011 at Treston International College, Taguig.

It is the second installment of the first-ever Bloggers United: An Interactive Shopping Affair which was held last May. Due to insistent demand from readers and bloggers alike, Bloggers United team in partnership with the country's largest online shopping website, Multiply Philippines have gathered Manila's fashion bloggers to sell their pre-loved but very stylish pieces!

This event is the perfect opportunity for both bloggers and their adoring readers to mingle and personally interact with each other. Fun contests and exciting giveaways from sponsors and entertaining performances from bloggers (Walkie Talkies, Reese & Vica) themselves will definitely keep this event from being a dull one.

Some of the notable bloggers attending the event include Divine Lee, Laureen Uy, Kookie Buhain, Lissa Kahayon, David Guison, Karl Leuterio, Patricia Prieto and Preview magazine's own Daryl and Andre Chang.

But because Bloggers United wishes to to go beyond the geographic limitations of the archipelago and extend its reach beyond Metro Manila and so for this event, they are flying in some of Cebu's very own fashion bloggers which includes Kryz Uy, Eden Villarba, designer Yves Camingue, Gillian Uang and Mildred Zapanta and a couple more.

Part of the proceeds from this event will go tot he GMA Kapuso Foundation for its school building project, a small but significant step to improve the Filipino youth's access to education.

The organizers behind Bloggers United Bazaar (Part 2) are Ana Gonzales, Melai Entuna and Aisa Ipac, a team of blogger friends encouraging camaraderie and sense of "community" among Manila's (and eventually, the country's) fashion blogging community through events and productions like this.

This is  a one-day-only event that you shouldn't really miss! It will be in a bigger venue with twice more the number of participating bloggers to meet! This is the perfect shopping day this Christmas because the must affordable and most fashionable clothes, accessories and footwear will be up for grabs. See you!

Bloggers United is in partnership with:
Multiply Philippines
GMA Kapuso Foundation
Treston International College

Event is co-presented by:
For Me
Columbia Digital
Meg Magazine
When In Manila
Gadgets Magazine

In Cooperation with:
Nina Ricci
Nail It!
Xend Business Solutions

Special thanks to:
Posh Nails
Rio Mints
SM Dept. Store

Online Shop Donors:
Belle York
Shop Dainty
Asian Vogue
F-STOP (Fashion Stop)
Anagon Collection
Archive Clothing
Extreme Finds
Sparkle Shop
Flattering Tops
Posh Pocket Shoes
Sole Sister

Location details:
Treston International College
University Parkway District, 32nd Street corner C-5 Road
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila


Three more days to go before Bloggers United 2! So why am I blogging about this and why do I care? I'll let you in on a little secret… I'm participating!!! Yeah! The team behind Bloggers United took notice of me and my humble blog and being this newbie in the blogging industry, I felt humbled and honored to be with Manila's Top Style bloggers this coming Saturday. But before I go into full hyper mode in promoting the event, allow me to share my first Bloggers United experience.

The first Bloggers United Bazaar was held at Malayan Plaza Hotel in Ortigas last May. Back then, I was not yet into blogging BUT I was seriously contemplating on starting my own blog. A part of me was saying "go ahead, you can do it!" and a (bigger) part of me was screaming "no way, jose!" Blogging means serious business! You have to update, update, and update even more! And that's  quite a load given that (during that time) I already got my hands full with the business and all. But what tipped the "go ahead, you can do it!" scale was the experience that I had… surrounded by beautiful and stylish ladies… and the realization that life is too short to waste on things that are not worthwhile… so why not blog instead?

Now let me take you to memory lane with these photos that I got during the first ever Bloggers United…

The participants then…
Bestie of The Capricious Club with her then long, dark hair 
Lauren of I Am Bourgeois
Ava of Artsy Fartsy Ava
Earth of 
Tricia of Tricia Will Go Places 
Lissa of Scene Stealer 
Liz of Project Vanity and Vern of A Shoe Tale 
Kryz of Thirstythought 
Camille of Camille Tries To Blog 
Pax of Drowning Equilibriums / event organizer with Liz 
Patricia of Paradigma
with Bjorn of Behind Bjorn Manila 
Stacy and Danah of The Plump Pinay 
David of DG MNL 
The blogosphere love team - David and Lissa 
Kryz, Laureen and Patricia 
Laureen of Break My Style 
Rosanna - the other half of Little Miss Dress Up
Mr. FU with Melai of Style & Soul, 1/3 of the BU team/organizer
The "IT" bloggers
And this is me… pre-blogging stage.

So, are you excited now? Me, I'm still in the process of sorting out the stuff that I'm gonna sell. Stressed yet excited you can call me.

Complete details of Bloggers United 2 on my next post!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Bestie, aside from being my copywriter / PR associate, is also my guinea pig when it comes to new stuff that I want to try especially when I'm playing with my cameras. She's the style chameleon of The Capricious Club blog and she never fails to live up to her blog's core much to the delight of her readers and followers. For Bestie, her styles are that of a chameleon's - scaly, rough and reptile-like. JOKE! Kidding aside,  Bestie's style is indeed that of a chameleon's. Ever changing, ever colorful, and ever interesting. For some reason, which I can't define, reading her blog and scanning through her photos takes me back to the time where hairsprays and big shoulder pads were the "in" thing. Not that I'm saying that she's a big fan of both but there's this quality (in her photos and her looks) that's nostalgic. Hmm… must be the vintage finds…

Bestie Konisis - The Capricious Club
Instaxed! As Inspired by RJ Roque

Monday, November 28, 2011


I was invited to the movie screening of Breaking Dawn last November 19 at the Eastwood Mall by the good peeps of Prestige Brands Philippines. What I wore was dictated by the fact that I'm gonna watch a "vampire" movie. That's why I came up with this,

Memo bomber jacket, Robinsons Dept. Store bow tie, Topman polo shirt,
Bench pants, J75 by Jump shoes, Valentino watch, Topman braces 

This will also be my debut look on LOOKBOOK…

What's up with the post title? Well, it goes beyond the colors of my look. After watching the movie, especially that 30 minute honeymoon scene (where Bella got her bruises from you-know-what), I felt like my insides where sore from the beating that I got due to the revolt of my organs. Don't get me wrong Twilight Fans, I appreciate the book but the movie? Aww… it sucks (pun intended) big time! The movie soundtrack is waaaayyy better! But still, thank you Marla and Prestige Brands Philippines for the invite. You made watching Breaking Dawn tolerable.

Photos by Hershey


Quite emotional right?

As you (probably) all know, I'm a fan of Topman. I even follow them on Facebook to get promo and sale updates! Imagine the sweat my palms induce everytime I see a SALE status on their Facebook page! Fortunately, Trinoma is like a minute away from my office. So one day, they had a buy the 2nd item at 50% off promo and of course, being the sucker for everything Topman  that I am, bit the bait. So here's what I got…
(Top to bottom) My black, white and blue
Topman braces at Php795
Topman white polo shirt at Php1,445
My 50% off - Topman blue polo shirt at Php1,295 Php647.50
Now you know why my post is titled that way. It should have been "Everything is black and white when Topman's on sale" but where's the blue part right?

The Breakdown:
Topman braces Php795
Topman white polo shirt Php1,445
Topman blue polo shirt Php647.50 (disc.)
Total: Php2,887.50

Sunday, November 27, 2011


There are two types of scents in the world (according to me). One that you give as a gift and one that you keep for yourself. For my holiday list of Spend or Splurge, let me present you GUESS Seductive I'm Yours… and why you should "Spend" and keep this for yourself.

Irresistibly flirty and intense, GUESS Seductive I'm Yours is an ultra-sexy fragrance for the mischievous woman who loves to fully explore her feminine prowess. Equally youthful and sophisticated, she weaves a web of glamour and intrigue for the objects of her desire. No men can resist her - nor do they want to. She leaves them breathless every time…

Created by IFF perfumer Pierre Negrin, GUESS Seductive I'm Yours is a lush, sexy oriental, tantalizing with its delicious contrast of delicate florals and luxurious musks and woods. The fragrance rouses the senses with dewy Peony, mouthwatering Passion Fruit and sparkling kisses from the petals of the Tiare Tahiti flower. The enchanting Tiare, revered as a sign of true beauty, blooms with an intoxicatingly exotic, heady scent that evokes the spirit and the passion of the GUESS woman. A pulsating heart of alluring florals features Magnolia Blossom, White Lily and Vanilla Orchid, while the fragrances dry down is wrapped in a deep, voluptuous, sexy veil of Patchouli flower, Exotic woods, Creamy Musk and Vetiver.

In details,
Top - Dewy Peony, Tiare Tahiti Natureprint, Passion Fruit
Mid - White Lily, Magnolia Blossom, Vanilla Orchid
Dry - Patchouli Flower, Exotic Woods, Creamy Musk, Vetiver

Now let's get on to the part on why you should "Spend" for this.

GUESS Seductive I'm Yours is something that every woman, who knows what she wants and gets it, should buy for herself. This is for the modern day Aphrodite - confident, alluring and tempting. She drives men to distraction and ensnares her lovers in bonds of desire. Nobody can possess her, for she is truly her own.

For the woman who's in control, loves attention, and bottom line femme fatale… this one's for you.

GUESS Seductive I'm Yours
EDT 1.0 oz./30ml Php2,200
EDT 1.7 oz.50ml Php2,900
EDT TK oz./75ml Php3,500


Catching streetlights needs right timing and a quick hand… and it can be quite tricky! But once caught, results vary from awesome to AWZUM!!!

Taken in front of PMP's warehouse at the busy street of Brgy. Holy Spirit.
Main Street blazer, Main Street long sleeved v-neck, Topman skinny jeans, J75 by Jump shoes
How are you spending the weekend so far?

Photos by Zei
Canon 1100D

Saturday, November 26, 2011


These shots that you are about to see were taken at the basement parking of Robinsons Galleria right after the birthday celebration of Abiel, my nephew. I even have a celebrity making an appearance photo bombing one of my shots! Hah!

Topman cardigan, Memo white button down, Topman neck tie, Topman chinos, Topman shoes

Tag Heuer diver's watch
Excited to see who my famous (so far) photo bomber was?
It's Armel Ignacio! Haha.
Alright, this is not a 100% Top-To-Toe Topman (Memo button down = outfit bomber) but you get the idea. Happy weekend everyone!

Photos by Zei