Sunday, November 20, 2011


With the latest fragrance for men by Carolina Herrera, nothing says "I Have Arrived" and "Let's Rock This Party!" better than the 212 VIP MEN.
*After the female version from 2010, Carolina Herrera presents the 212 VIP for men. 212 VIP MEN is run by the same slogans: "Are you on the list?" and "This is a private party." The fragrance is described as a "party animal" scent, containing notes of gin and vodka. -pr

The Scent
The fragrance is an explosive cocktail of vodka with frozen mint, lime caviar and vibrant spices inspired by the scent and attitude of the most exclusive New York parties. The main ingredients are:

  • Lime Caviar - adds some fruity, elegant contrasts. An elitist, VIP fruit containing little explosions of an energizing zest: a key ingredient for the Kings and Queens of the night.
  • Chilled Vodka - with a touch of frozen mint to keep you fresh during the noght.
  • Kingwood - provides a smoldering, golden tropical touch and an earthly, vibrant scent to the night. -pr
I would say that this is my kind of scent. It's sweet but not girly sweet. Masculine but not head-on-punch-in-your-face-masculine. And it's versatile! You really don't have to wear it just for parties and clubbing mind you. It's perfect for nights at the beach, a walk in the park on a hot afternoon, and long drives! Beware though. Don't be surprised if girls and even that of your bestfriend's flock towards you. It spells I-M—A—Y-U-M-M-Y— B-O-Y. Especially on crowded and heated nights.

The Scene

And for my "Yummy Look"

Be wearing this to a launch this December 10.
Girls, no piggyback riding ha? I'm not a big guy:(
Bottom line: I'm gonna get this scent when my sample runs out. The 100ml bottle is Php4,670. For the 50ml, it's around Php3,540. Not bad since you don't need to spray a lot to smell like a "yummy-party-animal."

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