Thursday, November 17, 2011


Prestige Brands Philippines, the company behind brands like the Jimmy Choo and Katy Perry fragrances, invited me for the launch of Carolina Herrera's 212 VIP for Men Perfume at the Republiq Club in Resorts World Manila.

We got to the venue thinking that the event was already done, and to think that it's just past nine! But whew(#1)!, we realized that we got there a tad early… just in time for the registration. There was just a little hold up when we were getting in because apparently, even if you are on the guest list, Republiq requires IDs in order for them to let you in. Hmm.. maybe they thought we (Bestie, Pax, Melai, Mich and me) were minors. Height can really be deceiving.

Note to self:
1. Always bring your ID if you are going to Republiq for an event
2. DON'T bring giant cameras!
Luckily, I also brought Quin (my Pentax Q) along with me, whew(#2)!

Since the night is still young (expert clubber lang, hehe… not!) we went to dine first at Mcdo. I swear the food there is sobrang sarap compared to the other Mcdo's. Must be the tummy (very hungry tummy!) talking. But nothing beats the bonding experience I had with the girls. Lalong napasarap kain ko while listening to them gossiping and laughing while unconsciously (kuno) projecting while I took some (their) photos. They're just simply a fun crowd to be with. The most exciting part of the night was the endless photo/outifit shoot which transpired after we ate…

Oh, that's not yours. Tsk, tsk… Inggit much? Hmm...

And here we are going back to the event...
More about the launch on my next post. In the meantime, allow me to leave you with this shot from Apple… I need to leave her at the counter na.
Prepping Quin for the night...


  1. lena - thanks! this is my first time to wear it. It's in my cabinet for like months na.