Friday, November 18, 2011


You've seen us pre-partying outside The Republiq… Now, let the real party begin!
Bestie, Melai & Pax = Stars, Dots & Pink(?) - what's that on your dress Pax? 
Mich: Look oh, I'm really good at this.
Pax, Bestie & Melai: Ii ngi… (talking while smiling)
Bumped into Summit Media's lovely ladies. Anna (center) and Pearl (right) with Prestige Brand's executive (left).

Party King - Kong! Haha. lookit my pose! 

The look on my face? Si Pax kasi. Do I smell ba?

Was able to take this shot of the hot three "Zombettes" along with Prestige Brand's peeps before leaving the party
It was a full house at The Republiq during the launch of Carolina Herrera's 212 VIP for Men fragrance. Unlike the Jimmy Choo launch, which is intimate and classy, this one stayed true to its core which is… partying! It's nice that the people behind Prestige Brands never run out of ideas as how to make their guests be  excited and surprised at their latest offerings and launches! I really love these guys, as much as I love their perfumes.

Here's a video of 212 VIP Men's TVC…
Are you on the list?

Yes we are!
Unedited photo from Quin (Pentax Q)
Even though we are not the "partying" type, we enjoyed everything! As much as we want to stay, we need to leave early. As for me? Life's a party… when I'm with these lovelies. Yes, you too Mich!

Thanks Prestige Brands Philippines! More about 212 VIP for Men on my next post.


  1. I. Love. Your. Tie. Very Mike Damone.

  2. paul! save the date, nov. 24 primadonna event at makati shang ballroom 7pm! the owner wants you there din daw too!:) thanks sa photos pagrab ha! and its always fun spending time witn you guyyyyys, yesssssssss. hehe! see you very soon!

    P.S. Thanks again sa bowtie, the food and the ride home!:)

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