Saturday, November 19, 2011


Carolina Herrera's 212 VIP MEN pays homage to New York's nightlife. The inspiration for its scent? Partying! For the launch of the fragrance held at the Republiq, of course I have to be in line with the scent's core and this is what I wore (Uy, rhyming!)...

Memo bomber jacket, Memo white long sleeved polo, F&H necktie, TAG Heuer watch,
Topman skinny jeans, Zara patent leather shoes
And this is what the kind people behind Prestige Brands gave me…

212 VIP for Women sample mini bottle
212 VIP MEN sample tube
Paco Rabanne 1 Million sample mini bottle
212 VIP MEN Poker Cards
Hmm… my collection of perfumes (both the regular and sample sizes) are increasing! I can sense a new addiction here…

Again, thank you Prestige Brands Philippines for everything!


  1. I love your outfits! I should ask my brother (he's a 6-footer) to check out your blog. He's not really a fashionista but he's too fussy about clothes (all signature brands), mas maarte pa sa amin na mga sisters nya!

    P.S. just discovered your blog today :)

  2. amaranthus - oh, wow. Your brother IS tall! Haha. Tell him to join my Hang Ten contest. Or better yet, join on his behalf.:) That's 2 entries if the 2 of you join.:)

  3. Oh, he's too busy to join contests haha. He lives in the US. But my sis will visit him next year, so maybe I'll buy him some stuff that I've seen here (that is, kung feeling generous pa ako next year and i have some extra moolah).

    hey, am just curious about your blog's timeline (or time zone).

    Also, I joined the contest. Thanks.:)

  4. ah. I thought he's here. Haha.

    What do you mean by my blog's timeline? You mean how often I post?

  5. No. Look at the time of my first comment. It said 3:49 AM. The date is Ok, but the time is a bit off. You can adjust, nasa settings ata yun eh. I forgot na (hehe) kasi I don't update my blog. My last entry was posted in March this year :D