Friday, November 11, 2011


I got the chance to pick up my prize from this contest on Facebook which I joined (and won!). It was a busy day for PMP (spell L-A-G-A-R-E) but I still managed (or more of like forced) to drop by About A Chair to collect my winning. Yes, I was THAT excited!

So it was just a quick hi/hello and where's my chair kind of visit because as much as I wanted to stay a little longer, I need to get back to the office to catch up on some business stuffs (and mainly because the owners of the shop were not there). But still, I managed to take some shots of the store's interior and the wares - which are chairs (of course!).

Cool mini replicas of chairs as wall displays

Velvet Union Jack Club Chair at Php36,500 
Cigar Vintage Leather Lounge Chair at Php55,000 (lounge), Php22,000 (ottoman) 
The R.A.R. (Red)
The Ball Chair (Black)
(left) Brown and White Faux Pony Skin Ottoman (right) Black and White Faux Pony Skin Ottoman both at Php12,000 each
The Ball Chair (White)

A mini Lips Chair replica
And here's my beauty: Classic Walnut Wood LCW at Php14,500
About A Chair, 146A Jupiter Street, Bel-Air Makati
If you want to get the latest updates and promos of About A Chair, click on the following links:
or contact them on the following numbers:
8907062, 09154792090
or email them at

PS: I named my chair "Ned" from the movie "About A Boy" starred by Hugh Grant

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  1. Oh, beautiful chairs! Thanks for sharing! Would love a real lips chair! Haha :)