Monday, November 7, 2011


So I joined this contest on Facebook…

…and guess what? I won!!! Haha… Here's my entry:

Yeah, yeah I know it's kinda mayabang (sorry) but what can I do? My joining was just for fun! But when my entry's FB Likes started to shoot up beyond 43 (my runner up's Likes) I was like whoa! this is something… So I started campaigning in Facebook. This is not just for a chair that we are talking about but the race to break the "curse" of me not winning or rather not getting the top prize in any contest that I joined in the past. To cut the long story short, I won (and broke the "curse" in the process)!

So here's what I won…
This exact replica of Charles and Ray Eames's LCW (Lounge Chair Wood) is perhaps not their most famous design but it's arguably one of their most important ones. With the LCW, The Eameses perfected making chairs out of molded plywood in the 50s and thus ushered in a whole new era in chair design and manufacturing. Mirroring the original down to every last detail (e.g. chair height and width, rubber shock mounts on seat and back rest) the LCW is unique, timeless, and is rightly considered as one of those rare "designer's chair". High praise, indeed. - About A Chair

Php14,500, Php19,500 (Also available in hunter green leather and cherry wood)
Can't wait to get my hands on this beautiful chair tomorrow. For the meantime, stay tuned to About A Chair. They are coming up with a new contest very soon… Like them on Facebook for updates.

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