Three more days to go before Bloggers United 2! So why am I blogging about this and why do I care? I'll let you in on a little secret… I'm participating!!! Yeah! The team behind Bloggers United took notice of me and my humble blog and being this newbie in the blogging industry, I felt humbled and honored to be with Manila's Top Style bloggers this coming Saturday. But before I go into full hyper mode in promoting the event, allow me to share my first Bloggers United experience.

The first Bloggers United Bazaar was held at Malayan Plaza Hotel in Ortigas last May. Back then, I was not yet into blogging BUT I was seriously contemplating on starting my own blog. A part of me was saying "go ahead, you can do it!" and a (bigger) part of me was screaming "no way, jose!" Blogging means serious business! You have to update, update, and update even more! And that's  quite a load given that (during that time) I already got my hands full with the business and all. But what tipped the "go ahead, you can do it!" scale was the experience that I had… surrounded by beautiful and stylish ladies… and the realization that life is too short to waste on things that are not worthwhile… so why not blog instead?

Now let me take you to memory lane with these photos that I got during the first ever Bloggers United…

The participants then…
Bestie of The Capricious Club with her then long, dark hair 
Lauren of I Am Bourgeois
Ava of Artsy Fartsy Ava
Earth of 
Tricia of Tricia Will Go Places 
Lissa of Scene Stealer 
Liz of Project Vanity and Vern of A Shoe Tale 
Kryz of Thirstythought 
Camille of Camille Tries To Blog 
Pax of Drowning Equilibriums / event organizer with Liz 
Patricia of Paradigma
with Bjorn of Behind Bjorn Manila 
Stacy and Danah of The Plump Pinay 
David of DG MNL 
The blogosphere love team - David and Lissa 
Kryz, Laureen and Patricia 
Laureen of Break My Style 
Rosanna - the other half of Little Miss Dress Up
Mr. FU with Melai of Style & Soul, 1/3 of the BU team/organizer
The "IT" bloggers
And this is me… pre-blogging stage.

So, are you excited now? Me, I'm still in the process of sorting out the stuff that I'm gonna sell. Stressed yet excited you can call me.

Complete details of Bloggers United 2 on my next post!


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