Monday, November 28, 2011


I was invited to the movie screening of Breaking Dawn last November 19 at the Eastwood Mall by the good peeps of Prestige Brands Philippines. What I wore was dictated by the fact that I'm gonna watch a "vampire" movie. That's why I came up with this,

Memo bomber jacket, Robinsons Dept. Store bow tie, Topman polo shirt,
Bench pants, J75 by Jump shoes, Valentino watch, Topman braces 

This will also be my debut look on LOOKBOOK…

What's up with the post title? Well, it goes beyond the colors of my look. After watching the movie, especially that 30 minute honeymoon scene (where Bella got her bruises from you-know-what), I felt like my insides where sore from the beating that I got due to the revolt of my organs. Don't get me wrong Twilight Fans, I appreciate the book but the movie? Aww… it sucks (pun intended) big time! The movie soundtrack is waaaayyy better! But still, thank you Marla and Prestige Brands Philippines for the invite. You made watching Breaking Dawn tolerable.

Photos by Hershey

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