Sunday, November 6, 2011


...and your favorite bloggers! And that is just the icing on the cake. You'll also get a chance to spend a day of makeover and fun with the country's top beauty and fashion bloggers like Shai Lagarde, Valerie Chua, Crissey Si, Marj Sia and Dominique Tiu and... there's more! How does P30,000 worth of beauty package from NIVEA, Forever 21 and Majolica Majorca sounds like? Uy, giddy... Here's how to join:

Don't forget to like NIVEA on Facebook before anything else ok? Then join the Face Affair. Good luck and have good skin everyone... for life!

PS: Mikki, is Crissey Si single?

Thoughts: On Why I Choose To Promote This
Let me count the ways...
1. I love NIVEA!
2. Because most of my readers are girls
3. I have good skin and it's all thanks to NIVEA. I use a different line though and it's under the NIVEA for Men (obviously) brand category. Connect? - go figure! Hehe... Kidding aside, I just want to spread the advantages of having good skin especially if your work requires you to face a lot of different people everyday. It's all about making a good first impression and that's what NIVEA Visage Sparkling White Acne Oil Control promises.

FYI: To those of you who are curious as to what facial wash I use on my face, it's the Multi Effect 8 and the Q10 range of NIVEA for Men.

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