Friday, November 4, 2011


More and more fashion retailers are jumping the beauty bandwagon. And while some are still in the attempt-to-launch stage, GAP is introducing yet again two additional scents to its signature fragrance collection, Near and Deep.

Before I go any Deeper, let me share some quickies about the brand's fragrance collection. GAP debuted Close, its premiere women's fragrance in 2009. Its philosophy is that your scent should never wear you. I personally think that it should be every fragrance's and everyone's philosophy. Whether a perfume is strong or mild, you should be the one rocking it not the other way around. In 2010, Stay for women and Core (which is my current fave) were added to the brand's portfolio. Spring of this year (as if Philippines has spring! hehe), GAP introduces yet another hers and his fragrances. Near and Deep.

Near is subtly soft, bringing together the components of lush fruits and delicate flowers. The top note combines white peach and Brazilian green mandarin with a hint of clementine. Its middle notes infuse a garden of pink peony petals leveled by a light transparent musk. -pr

I'm not really big on words when it comes to perfume descriptions that's why I googled  some images that I think would easily sum up the mood that Near invokes.
And this is the wardrobe of a Near girl...
Floral, breezy dresses
And the girl who wears Near? For me, she is The Plum Girl of the movie Perfume.
Karoline Herfurth is my kind of redhead peaches and cream perfection

For us guys, let me introduce Deep.

The fresh scent of Deep is as gentle as a cool ocean breeze. The combination of Zesty Malta lemon and white grapefruit are infused with sage and lavender and grounded by cedar and sandalwood. -pr

I'm still waiting for my very own GAP Deep (Prestige Brands please take note... hehe... kidding!... not). For the meantime, allow me to share the pictures I have in my mind for Deep...
Haaayy... sleepy...
And this is what I would wear for this particular scent...

Deep for me is myself on the third day after shaving. Not squeaky clean neither caveman. Simply relaxed and subtly sexy<---(lol).

100ml - Php2,450
50ml - 1,950

100ml - Php2,450
30ml - Php1,200

Thoughts: I don't know why but there's something slightly (just slightly) sensual with these scents from GAP (the names maybe?). Again, I don't know exactly why...

All photos are not mine. Just the thoughts.

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