Friday, November 4, 2011


Clark Kent (pre-Smallville days) was my inspired look of the day. I hope the glasses and the plaid says so. Hmm... I've been wearing plaids lately...
This is Clark Kent's oh-my-crap-I-forgot-to-put-my-glasses-on-I'm-screwed look
I asked (well, more of like commanded) Chris (one of my marketing  peeps) to take my shots and Bestie (who was feeling down at that time) to support us. Our peg was Clark-Kent-being-hounded-by-secret-government-agents-in-search-of-his-true-identity-ala-paparazzi.
Lakas maka-parazzi ni Chris!
X-ray vision in progress
Wore my new Superman Chucks that day
On a not so serious mode...

Topman glasses, People Are People plaid polo, Levi's pants, Converse Superman chucks
I was cracking up the whole time the last shots was taken. Chris was telling a story about how Victoria Beckham was hounded by paps on a ridiculous scale. He imitated them (perfectly) by shouting "Victoria, Victoria!" out loud... while taking my shots... hence the girly giggle look on my face.

Photos by Chris

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