Monday, November 7, 2011


Did my title cause a stir? Hehe... Knowing that I have a reader who happens to be a blogger/English major in college (you know her Bestie?), I have to be careful with what I write in my posts. But yes, you read it right. Music, Socks. Because that's what my post is about. Music and Socks!

On my recent spending escapades, I went to SM North The Block and visited Astroplus and Aldo respectively. I got myself these:
Music CDs and Socks!
I never fail to visit Astroplus everytime I go to The Block. I'm a big music lover/fan (and I happen to know how to sing and dance! humbly speaking(lol) Shh...)!
From top to bottom: Michael Buble, Britney Spears and Kelly Clarkson (all new albums)
Aldo socks (set of 3) at Php450 (sale discounted)
Michael Buble Christmas album at Php450
Britney Spears B In The Remix The Remixes Vol.2 album at Php430
Kelly Clarkson Stronger album at Php460
Out of all three CDs, I like Kelly Clarkson's the best. Then Michael Buble, then Britney Spears. Britney Spears' has nothing new. Only remixes. I tend to buy things impulsively because it's new, and it's there. All for the love of music.

You noticed how I partnered my Aldo socks with my CDs? It has stories and it goes like this…
Michael Buble Christmas album = christmassy patterned socks
Britney Spears The Remixes CD = colored striped socks ('nuff said)
Kelly Clarkson Stronger Album = gray socks (because that "gray" matter inside Kelly's head? - very well utilized in this album)

So what are you listening to lately? I know I'll be playing my Michael Buble most often this season… with my socks on... while having a cup of hot cocoa.:)

The Breakdown:
Aldo socks Php450
Michael Buble CD Php450
Britney Spears CD Php430
Kelly Clarkson CD Php460
Total: Php1,790

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