Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I don't usually buy stuffs just for the sake of buying. In order for me to spend on something, it's pre-requisite that it's either I really (really) like it or if there's an important event where-I-was-invited-and-I-don't-want-to-be-caught-dead-wearing-the-same-stuffs-which-I-already-wore-on-another-important-event-I-went-to. But it also adds up to the "if you're a good boy, you'll get a candy" principle meaning - if i deserve it, I buy it. So here's what I got as a reward for myself that "good" day…

Memo belt at Php250 (sale/discounted from Php490)
Memo black bomber jacket at Php1,790
Regatta striped knit sweater at Php1,095
For a minimum purchase worth Php1,500, you'll get this slim wallet for free at Memo. Perfect for my receipts!
Actually, the real reason why I got these cool (right?) stuffs was because I was invited to a club-appropriate event. I'm not much of a club-type of a person but since I love the persons behind the company who invited me, I might as well try to look the clubbing part. Right? That and the fact that I really (really) like this cool/classic pieces from two of my favorite local clothing stores.

The Breakdown:
Memo belt Php250
Memo bomber jacket Php1,790
Regatta knit sweater Php1,095
Memo wallet FREE
Total: Php3,135


  1. junghyun - the jacket looks better in person! …and it's not even leather!

  2. Ah, the quintessential black bomber jacket and a B&W sweater. The best thing about the things you rewarded yourself with is that they can actually be worn with other garments and make it great looking. I love how versatile they are.

    PS: I'm so happy I get to read a fashyown guy's blog. <3

    Join my first blog giveaway! :)

    x Limechartreuse

  3. I'm definitely coming back to check your blog, I like how you actually post the breakdown of your purchases. And nice blog also. :)

  4. Thea - you never fail to make me smile with your comments. Thanks!

    Krizzia - I hope I didn't turned you off by posting the breakdown of my purchases. This is not me being mayabang ha? I'm just securing my future when the time comes that I'll go bankrupt. At least I can look back at my purchases (the reason behind my bankruptcy), and hopefully I have you to help me out.:)