Friday, November 4, 2011


I know it's kinda childish of me to name my post like what I just named my post now but what can I do? I love gifts (and freebies) as much as spending. Contrary to what my About Me says, I really, really appreciate gifts! Maybe because as a child, I don't get much? Haha... Suppressed childhood memories speaking. So let's take a look at what the good guys from Prestige Brands sent me...
The note says: Paul, Sending you a bottle of Gap Core. One of our best scents just for you. Enjoy! - MC
I always see beauty and fashion bloggers go gush/sigh/I died/spasm when they receive presents from brands with a personalized note attached with it... and honestly? I find it cheesy. But to hell with cheesiness when I went WOW!/giddy upon reading the note. I felt special. Hmm... Ganun pala talaga ang feeling.

Note to self: When sending products to the press (especially bloggers), make it personalized. Include a handwritten note. Oh crap, I have crappy handwriting. I'll just sign it na lang and I'll put some hearts and smileys.:)

But seriously, brands should be like this. It's not just the product that we are sending here, but also our hearts.
Thank you Prestige Brands and GAP for this awesome present. It's not yet Christmas but you made me feel like Santa is indeed real.

PS: Been wearing this scent for the past 2 days. It goes perfectly well with my Blazers and Jeans porma. And oh, I still have the note and everytime I see it, I go gush/sigh/I died/spasm. You? Been wearing any GAP scents lately?


  1. Yes, hearts and smileys will do!:)) hahaha joke! Love your present! We got AQC naman :D love the giddy feeling!

  2. Such a lovely present!I love them as well :)
    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Ava - i thought so too.. hearts and smileys na lang talaga. Parang bata lang sa giddy ah. Hehe

    Jen - yes, spasm talaga. hehe

    Ruxandra - :)

  4. Hey paul! Yes when you send bloggers gift make it sweet and personalized! *parinig mode*

    Hahaha :)