Monday, November 7, 2011


If you read my previous post, you'll have a slight idea on what this new segment of mine is all about. The Samsonites basically chronicles (such a word! hah!) the lives of this two siblings who happens to be the cutest babies in the world!

Warning: Images are so cute you could die!
This is Amielle Pauley Samson. Meng-meng as we fondly call her. She's just 2 but she acts (and looks) like a 5 year old. At her age, she knows how to make face in front of the camera and does (occasionally) jump shots. Yes! I kid you not. She's this cuter version of the energizer bunny because she doesn't get tired that easily! Haayy…
And this is her younger baby brother, Abiel Philip Samson.
We call him Abeng but his ate calls him Abengtot. He's gonna turn 1 tomorrow! Advance happy birthday Abengtot! I happen to be his adoptive father… we look alike daw eh. Thanks Kuya Paul and Shey. He's mine na alright? - parang laruan lang ah.

More fun facts about Amielle and Abiel in my FPs of The Samsonites.

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