Friday, November 4, 2011


This is my 5th Superman Shoes. I had been itching to get this particular design at Converse Trinoma but my being OC forbade me not to. Why? Because I simply like new stocks and the other pair (of the last pair) with my size was on display for quiet some time (obviously) already! The white part of the shoe is not the same as that of the other shoe and even though the good sales person made the effort of cleaning it with alcohol, I just couldn't find it in my heart to buy it even if it was the last pair of Chucks of its kind. It was a frustrating ordeal I tell you. Imagine the three things that I like (Red, Superman & Chucks) all molded into one and I couldn't even summon up my courage to just close my eyes and buy the damn shoes!

Finally, over the long, long weekend (READ: Undas), I got my 5th Superman All Star Chucks (Converse Marquee Mall, Pampanga).

Superman Converse Chuck Taylor at Php3,190
It came with two additional laces (which I don't think I'll be using though)

And just when I thought that I'm ready to show you my Superman shoe collection, here comes another release from Converse...

Hay... the woes of being a Superman/shoe collector. This particular design is not yet available here in the Philippines and can be ordered online. But I'm pretty sure that I'll be able to get my hands on this before Christmas. Mom, if you're reading this, can you check if this is available in Saudi na? - she's coming home next week BTW. Excited.

The Breakdown:
Converse Superman Php3,190
Total: Php3,190


  1. I love that the pair is color red, it's attractive. and oh my if this is your 5th pair of Superman shoes, how many kaya ang pairs ng iba mo pang shoes? haha! You're like the male version of Imelda haha!

  2. naku!just like my hubby..ayaw nya bilhin ung item if it's the one on!lol:D

  3. where i can buy the last release superman converse the black one :) In need ..
    Answer Please Thanks !