Sunday, November 6, 2011


So I was invited to an exclusive bloggers conference with the one and only Jose Javier Reyes to talk about the film that he directed which by the way is an official entry to the MMFF this 2011 - My House Husband Ikaw Na! starring real life couple Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncilio. Knowing that I'll be with fellow bloggers, there's this pressure of looking good/slick/stylish (di ba Bestie, Pax and Melai?) because it's customary that after every event (where the presence of bloggers are rampant), photo ops will follow.

I was excited for this event (which I'm gonna talk more about on a separate post)! So excited that a day before the actual event, I dropped by Topman (Trinoma) to buy some additional stuffs for my look... which is top-to-toe Topman. Good thing they were having their further reduction sale! So I got myself these:
Topman grey boots/shoes at Php1,847.50 (50% discounted)
Topman rusty red skinnies at Php1,472.50 (50% discounted)
So, to complete my look, I added this
Topman bowtie
and this
Topman denim long sleeved polo
from this post. And also this
Topman printed socks
from this post. Not all socks though, just the one on the extreme right. Hehe.

And here you go...

Last three photos was taken using my iPhone4 - hence, the quality.

The Breakdown:
Topman shoes Php1,847.50
Topman pants Php1,472.50
Total: Php3,320

PS: Direk Joey Reyes is pure genius! More on his genious-ness (if there's such a word, haha) in my FP's.