Friday, December 30, 2011


I grew up watching the animated series Huck Finn. I even read the book! There's something about his story (even though it's fictional) that makes me wanna spread my hands and close my eyes and pretend that I'm in a vast meadow chewing on some weed stalk while thinking to myself… aahhh… this is life!

A day after Christmas, I was able to go home (Cabanatuan) to visit my family. It's been a while since I last went home and the first thing I noticed was the uncut and sun-dried weeds growing up at the vacant lots surrounding our house. Everything was picturesque straight out of the book Mark Twain wrote! The next best thing to do? Pretend that I'm Huck Finn… trying to hitch a ride.

Pedro leather knapsack
Forever21 red knitted sweater, Human white denim shorts (formerly pants)
Topman tribal print socks, Topman Shackleton Hiker boots
How about you? Where did you spent your Christmas? How about New Year?

I'll be announcing the winners of my Hang Ten contest tomorrow! If you haven't joined yet, tonight is your last chance! Good luck and I hope you win. Happy new year!

Photos by my brother, Michael

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Memo bomber jacket, Zara Superman logo embroidered black shirt, Salsa denim stretch jeans, Zara patent leather shoes
Yeah, I'm really feeling bad and I kinda like it! Haha.

So here I am again channeling my inner (dark) Superman. I don't usually dress this way but ever since I posted my first Infected by Red Kryptonite look, which by the way got me some positive comments (hehe), I thought of posting another one. I hope you like me it. Red Kryptonite talking… sorry!

Now, if only I could fly… and be as tall as Superman! Haaayy…

PS: Tomorrow is the last day of my Hang Ten Philippines x The PR Guy Win The Look Contest. Last chance to join!!! Good luck and have a happy new year!

Photos by Pat


Remember this "yummy look" from THIS post?

Well, I managed to find if not the exact, the closest pieces of clothing that I can get my hands on (for the above peg) for the launch of Katy Perry's first fragrance - Purr. So here's what I wore…

Main Street by SM Dept. Store leather jacket, Hang Ten purple collared shirt, Lee white stretch jeans, Frank by Kartel tan leather shoes
Aside from the cupcakes (which you can drool over HERE), I also got two mini vials of the Purr fragrance for me to smell (and judge! but not to try on though, haha). I needed help in describing the scent that's why I gave the other vial to Bestie. She's a fan of Katy Perry you know, it's just sad that she's not able to attend the launch… Anyway, here's what I got…

Katy Perry, as we all know, has affinity for all thing feline. And what better way to express this side of Katy's personality than to come up with her own signature fragrance - Purr.
The bottle, like Perry, is at once sophisticated as well as playful. Beguiling and taunting - manifested in the bottle through the juxtaposition of the jeweled eyes, metallic accents, and opulent lavender coloring. Katy Perry insists on transcending barriers with her music and persona - and this is a direct correlation. - pr

Top - Peach Nectar, Green Bamboo, Forbidden Apple
Middle - Jasmine Blossom, Pink Freesia, Bulgarian Rose
Bottom - Vanilla Orchid, White Amber, Creamy Sandalwood, Skin Musk

I find the scent, unlike the bottle, not playful at all but more of like a cross between sensuality and fun! Katy Perry is fun (right?) and unquestionably sensual. Purr is also warm and is butterflies in the stomach. Or at least that's how I feel everytime I see Katy Perry do her thing onstage with her playful antics and her overly sexy personality.

Purr by Katy Perry …Guys, earn your woman's affection
Purr by Katy Perry is available in all leading department stores nationwide!
100ml Php3,700
50ml Php2,600
30ml Php2,100
Also available: Purr Gift Set (120ml body lotion, 50ml body spray, 120ml shower gel) Php3,000

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


There are more or less 50 bloggers from all walks of the blogosphere life who went to the final bloggers conference for My Househusband Ikaw Na! last December 17 at Guilly's Tomas Morato. Here are some of the fashionable bloggers...
Melai of Style and Soul
Pax of Drowning Equilibriums
Bestie of The Capricious Club
Sarah of Ms. Eggplant's Chronicles 
JP Singson of JP on Fashion Speed
Belle of Bellavanite
Keigh of Delishoes Servings
Nicole of nicolethedressupdoll 
Jonessa of Scarlet April
And here are the other cast members of My Househusband Ikaw Na! who went to the conference...
Rocco Nacino, who's a nurse in real life, plays Judy Ann's younger brother who happens to be a nurse (as well) in the movie
Rocco and the event's host, Melai - new loveteam? Lagot ka kay bf...
Shalala! He co-hosted the event. Thanks for the sincere concern for US bloggers.
So, have you seen the movie yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Watch na!


It wouldn't be Christmas (at least for me) if I don't get myself something to add up to my ever increasing collection of anything Superman stuff! To cap off my 12 Gifts Before Christmas, I got myself these…
Zara Superman logo embroidered black shirt at Php,790 
Zara Superman sequined white shirt at Php1,790 
Supergirl bobble head figure at Php500
Superman black Kryptonian suit at Php1,100 (both Superman and Supergirl items was acquired at the 6th Christmas ToyFair at SM Megamall, Megatrade Hall)
The Breakdown:
Zara Superman black shirt Php1,790
Zara Superman sequined shirt Php1,790
Supergirl bobble head figure Php500
Superman black Kryptonian suit Php1,100
Total: Php5,180

I really don't have to justify why I got these stuff right? It's Superman! 'nuff said. I will (also) be posting some of the gifts that I got from friends and family that I might actually use (and keep!) on my upcoming posts. You (I mean you, my family and friends who gave me those gifts!) better watch out for it. Don't worry, there will be no "The Breakdown". Haha!

The holidays ain't over yet! There's still the new year! Happy New Year everyone! Let's all be excited for 2012! I know I am...

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Merry Christmas everyone! Aside from being the happiest day of the year, today is also the first day of the regular showing of all MMFF 2011 entries! As for me and my family, the first (and possibly the ONLY movie) we're gonna watch is My Househusband Ikaw Na! Need I say more? (You can check out my posts about the movie here, here and here). And since we are on the topic, I (and some a lot of bloggers) were invited to attend the final bloggers conference of My Househusband Ikaw Na! at Guilly's in Tomas Morato the other Saturday (December 17). Allow me to let the following photos do the talking…

Cast of My Househusband Ikaw Na! who attended the conference were Rocco Nacino - who played Judy Ann's younger brother, Ellen Adarna - who played a short and sweet role as a bank teller, the Agoncillo's, and Eugene Domingo. It's sad that Direk Joey wasn't able to attend. No thanks to the rain and the bad holiday rush traffic.

Photos by Me and Bestie
To sum up, the conference was fun and full of laughters! To prove a point, see last three photos. Us bloggers (and a handful TV press people) genuinely enjoyed the afternoon with the cast. With the recent event (Read: SENDONG) which left thousands of families homeless in our country, I think this is the movie that we NEED to watch this holiday season. Why need? Because we need to take our minds off of the current situation that we are in right now even for at least two hours. We need to be happy! and "real" happiness can be found in relatable situations like watching your favorite telenovela, gossips (even) and bottomline happy endings! which all can be found in this movie. Watch My Househusband Ikaw Na! this Christmas... and let's all smile and be happy!