Monday, December 19, 2011


I seldom get gifts and I don't know why. And truth be told, I hate it when people tell me that they don't know what to give me because I have everything that I need already. Everything? Oh, c'mon! Gifts are gifts! May it be a box of fruitcake or the latest gadget, gifts are still gifts! Haha. That's why this Christmas, or rather before Christmas, I decided to buy gifts for myself. Not to worry though (my family - if you're reading this), I got you your presents already!

For the first part of my self-gift giving, I got myself some stuff to cover me this chilly December.
Topman slim-fit blazer at Php5,995
SM Dept. Store, Main Street faux leather jacket at Php1,999.75 
Zara checkered button down shirt at Php2,590
Forever 21 Men knitted sweater at Php1,225
I think it's alright to buy yourself gifts as long as you deserve it but of course with the consideration of not burning a big hole in your pocket in the process. Necessity is also a big factor. In my case, I need these stuff for my blog. I have commitments you know. There's my GQ I C U segment (where I need to delay for the meantime for lack of time to shoot), the things that I planned/swore myself to wear for an event (See THIS), and there's Lookbook!

There's guilt in spending. That's a fact! But what negates that guilt induced by spending is that "good" feeling that you get when you see that what is pleasant in front of your mirror is also pleasant in the eyes of strangers.

I like looking good. I feel good when I do. And if by spending I can have that positive kind of stimulus, who cares about all that money down the drain? How about you? Does spending makes you feel good too the same way it does to me?

The Breakdown:
Topman slim-fit blazer Php5,995
SM Dept. Store, Main Street faux leather jacket Php1,999.75
Zara button down shirt Php2,590
Forever21 Men knitted sweater Php1,225
Total: Php11,809.75

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