Wednesday, December 28, 2011


It wouldn't be Christmas (at least for me) if I don't get myself something to add up to my ever increasing collection of anything Superman stuff! To cap off my 12 Gifts Before Christmas, I got myself these…
Zara Superman logo embroidered black shirt at Php,790 
Zara Superman sequined white shirt at Php1,790 
Supergirl bobble head figure at Php500
Superman black Kryptonian suit at Php1,100 (both Superman and Supergirl items was acquired at the 6th Christmas ToyFair at SM Megamall, Megatrade Hall)
The Breakdown:
Zara Superman black shirt Php1,790
Zara Superman sequined shirt Php1,790
Supergirl bobble head figure Php500
Superman black Kryptonian suit Php1,100
Total: Php5,180

I really don't have to justify why I got these stuff right? It's Superman! 'nuff said. I will (also) be posting some of the gifts that I got from friends and family that I might actually use (and keep!) on my upcoming posts. You (I mean you, my family and friends who gave me those gifts!) better watch out for it. Don't worry, there will be no "The Breakdown". Haha!

The holidays ain't over yet! There's still the new year! Happy New Year everyone! Let's all be excited for 2012! I know I am...

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