Sunday, December 11, 2011


In preparation to the most exciting event of the year - Bloggers United 2, I did what I do best. Spend! What can I do? I was super stressed during that time. What, with work (day job) piling up and the event taking place in a few hours, I need to do something to relieve me from all that stress and that is retail therapy. Oh man! I'm starting to sound like a girl! Anyway, here's what I bought from Topman (Trinoma) a day before Bloggers United 2:
Topman brown "Shackleton Hiker" boot at Php3,695 
Topman blue button down collar shirt at Php2,095
I know that manning your own booth and selling while dealing with people who ask for "tawad" is not an easy feat that is why I chose comfort (for the shoes) and at least look fresh with a pleasant to the eyes colored top (button down).

BU2 storm coming up…

The Breakdown:
Topman boot Php3,695
Topman Button down Php2,095
Total: Php5,790

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