Sunday, December 18, 2011


At the 2nd Bloggers United, Prestige Brands Philippines had this Sing-Along contest for Nina Ricci L'Elixir wherein they invited people to sing the Sunday Girl song of Florrie Arnold onstage.

The winners will get the latest Limited Edition Nina Ricci fragrance. I know how to sing and I happen to be there. Thinking it would be good to win something which I can give away here on my blog, I joined the contest! Haha. To make the singing story short, I lost. Liz of Project Vanity and another girl won! Hmm… I forgot to wear my Sunday Girl outfit that day… Maybe that's why I lost! Kidding! Haha.

So what's this fragrance that these girls (who joined the contest) were excited to get their hands on? It's Nina Ricci's Nina L'Elixir!
Nina L'Elixir is inspired by the legacy of a maison couturiere du parfums which has always evolved with  the times and been capable of reinterpreting its own history.

The fragrance is imbued with a sense of naivety and freshness which instantly transports us to the world of a modern day princess who embraces life with an innocent joy. This new princess pays homage to the eternal feminity of Nina Ricci and draws us to the magic of a new love potion.

Top Notes - Calabrese Citrus, Caipirinha Lime
Middle Notes - Toffe Apple, Sembac Jasmine, Red Fruits
Base Notes - Cedarwood, White Musk, Warm Amber

Florrie Arnold, the artist chosen to launch the fragrance, is not simply just playing the part. Instead she has embodied the spirit of the new Nina heart and soul.
Nina L'Elixir is a love potion for modern women who know how to play on their natural charm and have fun with it.

Available in 80ml EDP (Php5,440), 50ml EDP (Php4,140) and 30ml EDP (Php3,640) in Rustans, SM and other leading Department stores.

Let me end this post with this video of Florrie Arnold's Sunday Girl. Enjoy!

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