Bringing in more than 2,000 attendees (much thanks to the up-to-the-last-minute promotions of all the participating bloggers), Bloggers United was a huge successful storm! To prove you how successful it was, here's some photos…

Warning: Photo overload. Don't drown. There's Bloggers United 3 pa. Hehe
Melai with the Multiply peeps. Event Organizing 101: Visit every sponsor's booth, ask them if they're ok. Good one Melai! 
The early birds… It's not yet even lunchtime.
In the sea of people, there's always a mermaid! - Lissa Kahayon of Scene Stealer 
Love Chic's booth. I can see Seph's golden hair.

Guess who? The lovely Kookie of Death by Platforms and Bestie of The Capricious Club 
Meet Bestie and my name tag - thanks Ana! This is so cool! 
Why Bjorn is happy? It's because he made a sale off me. Bought his 2 blazers. 
Me wearing my purchase from Bjorn. We look alike na oh. Walking Dead lang ako dito... 
Gelo and Melai had the coolest and the funniest tandem as hosts on stage. With Liz for the Nina Ricci Sing Along contest. She's the first to go. And I happened to be next… Haha!
A view from the top… of the stage!
Guess who again? It's Joanna Ladrido of Only The Marvelous taking our photo! Or was she? Hmm… I like you JL! 
Hi Marla! Oh wow, is that for me? Thanks! Ay, panggirl pala yan...
With Liz of Project Vanity and 2 other girl contestants for the Nina Ricci contest 
Whoa! Celebrity lang. 
This is David Guison's. Just a portion of it...
Divine Lee and Laureen Uy doing their thing while wearing bling (Rhyme oh. Hah!) on stage. 
Even the photo wall is crowded with sponsors and event partners! 
Raleene of and Bestie 
Ambush shot of the lovely Patricia Prieto of Paradigma and Kryz Uy of Thirstythought. Sorry girls, took your shots without your proper shoes. 
Let's see what Mike Magallanes of toxicdiscoboy is strutting here… See the look on Pax's face? That's what you call envy…
Eat your heart out Pax! Mike is more fierce than you. 
Mike photo bombing Bjorn. Haha. Bloggers are such sweet group of brothers and sisters.
Ms. Eggplant really is adorable. Here she is strutting her stuff on stage for the Rio Mints challenge
Ang saya lang ni Ava. That's hyper mode pre-Rio Mints.
Of course it wouldn't be a showdown without the king of showdown (just coined a term), Gelo Arucan of Fabgelous
With Love Chic's Seph and Shai. Model couple!
Melai was looking for 5 DSLR users… I was supposed to go up to join but she (Melai) made a follow up… Nikon DSLR users! Hah! Fat chance. Nahiya tuloy kami ni Apple ko (Canon 1100D)
The girls and the guys who won stuff courtesy of Lory's Hair Cream. Why'd they won? Check out the colors of their hair. Lory's was looking for people with not just one but with two toned colored hair.
Red Mango's endorser is none other than the blogosphere's own, Kryz Uy. Red Mango = good stuff!
Hey Helga! Thanks for the support!
The very talented sibling duo - the Walkie Talkies! You guys rock!
Rees and Vica at the foreground. They do good music too!
And the highlight of the night (At least for me, hehe)…
Tracy Ayson of Fashion Fangirl and me! We sang onstage. The song? Lucky by Britney Spears Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat. Be posting a video soon! It's gonna be viral!
That's it everyone! I know for some of you, the excitement hasn't died yet but as early as now, I'm telling you that there will be a third (and 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th…) installment of Bloggers United! See you on the next one! This time, I'll come prepared…

Again, congratulations to the awesome threesome of Melai, Pax and Ana! You guys are the reason why bloggers give a damn. 


  1. we don't have a photo together! pero andami kong pictures dito! hahahaha... see you again soon, paul! :)

  2. hey Gelo! yeah, you were busy. Haha. King of showdown ok with you? Yeah, see you.

  3. haha yes that was me taking a photo of you guys from the sing along challenge round! Good job btw! Such a crooner!

    xx, JL

  4. Post the video!!! Would have preferred Lucky by Britney Spears, though. :p

  5. Hi Paul! I enjoyed this post :) Thanks for complimenting our hosting skills and for giving me a pat on the back for the first photo! Hey, text me pala, kasi mejo nasira card ng videographer ko. Can we borrow your video performance? We lost the file. :(

    But still can't wait for the video and you were really good! Gulat ako galing niyo kumanta :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  6. Joanna - thanks! crooner ala Richard Poon? Hehe

    Angel - I will. Serious ka sa Britney version?

    Melai - Sure you can borrow it but the thing is, Tracy wasn't in the frame of the video.:( Only her voice.

  7. LOL! hahaha OMG:)) I've never looked so happy =P


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