Friday, December 16, 2011


So here I am blogging about something which I am supposed to blog a few weeks back. In reality, I waited for the whole "Breaking Dawn" hype die down a bit (or at least lessen). Heck, until now there are still theaters playing the movie!

Remember this post where I was invited by Prestige Brands Philippines to watch the screening of Breaking Dawn? Actually, Moschino Forever hosted the event. Have I told you about it? I didn't? Oh well, let's just say that I want to surprise you! Haha.

More about Moschino Forever…
The bottle reflects Moschino DNA: Classic with a "Twist."
Moschino Forever is the new fragrance by Moschino. It is a timeless scent inspired by Moschino Fashion known for reinterpreting classics with elegance and irony. An EDT created for a classic man (Edward Cullen?), with a strong personality that enables him to be original and unique. -pr

A fresh and sensual scent with a modern and surprising Fougere Accord.
The fragrance opens with a bright and bold freshness with accents of Kumcuat, Bergamot and Star Anise.
In the heart smooth tones of Clary Sage and Tonka Bean blend with vibrant facets of Black Pepper.
The Drydown brings a virile and intense character of Vetiver warmed by seductive notes of Musk and Sandalwood.

Moschino Forever also has a bath line!
Moschino Forever bath line - Deodorant Stick, After Shave Balm, After Shave Lotion and Refreshing Bath and Shower Gel
Hmm… Maybe Edward Cullen used this prior their "honeymoon" scene. Bella can't seem to get enough of him. And by the way, THAT was the longest honeymoon scene I've seen in my whole life as a moviegoer. I thought that it's gonna last Forever… Hah! Moschino Forever!

English model and singer Josh Beech is the face of Moschino Forever. He even looks like one of the Cullens here.
Moschino Forever is the scent I'm gonna wear on a windy afternoon. NOT on a hot day. Just like vampires, I think the scent will react differently to heat and is best worn on windy, slightly cold days. My outfit for this (even if it's cold and windy), is an open button down shirt without the undershirt. Much like what Robert Pattinson is wearing in this photo:

What do you think? Will you get this particular scent? It's December and I think this is the best present that you can give to a guy this Christmas.

Moschino Forever is available in all leading department stores nationwide and retails at Php3,900 for the 100ml bottle.

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