Saturday, December 17, 2011


I think I've already made a very firm decision that I'm going to watch My Househusband Ikaw Na! this Christmas. Since day 1 with Direk Joey Reyes and day 2 with Eugene Domingo, I knew that this is going be THE movie to watch this MMFF 2011. But when the opportunity (again) to attend another bloggers conference for the movie (this time with the main stars) presented itself courtesy of the Bloggers United team, of course I said yes!

The bloggers conference was held at Napa Bistro in Panay Ave and they served us this.
The food was great!
Ok, enough teasing. Let's get on with the main event!

We were the last group that the Agoncillos met that night. I've heard that they were already there as early  as 3:00pm attending to interviews both for prints and TV, conference with the showbiz press and finally with us, bloggers. We started around 8:00pm and ended by 10:00pm much to the disappointment of us bloggers and the couple. What can we do? They love talking to us! Hehe…

There was just a brief question and answer about the movie because most of us who were there were already familiar with the plot and the characters. Most of the questions that was thrown at the couple were mainly personal.

I appreciate the couple for confidently sharing with us aspects of their lives off-screen. I really do. Contrary to who they are in My Househusband Ikaw Na!, they both are working parents. And very hard-working at that! But they both have the same respect for parents, either the father or the mother, who stays at home and attends to the household needs of the family because admittedly, it is not an easy profession.

We also got the opportunity to hear Ryan's side of the story regarding the infamous Twitter incident which I'm not that familiar about (but all thanks to my fellow blogger who brought it up). I saw in Ryan his humility by admitting that he was wrong and apologized for what happened and I also felt the support Judy Ann gave him as his wife. There was no pretense and I think that's what will make this movie as genuine and as successful as their two previous movies where they also played couples. Now that they're already married and has two kids, I'm sure acting came out naturally. But wait, there's also Eugene Domingo! Hmm… the plot thickens…

More photos!



I'll be meeting the whole cast later along with the awesome people I know. Of course, the bloggers! See you guys!

DON'T FORGET: This Christmas, watch My Househusband Ikaw Na!

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