Thursday, December 29, 2011


Remember this "yummy look" from THIS post?

Well, I managed to find if not the exact, the closest pieces of clothing that I can get my hands on (for the above peg) for the launch of Katy Perry's first fragrance - Purr. So here's what I wore…

Main Street by SM Dept. Store leather jacket, Hang Ten purple collared shirt, Lee white stretch jeans, Frank by Kartel tan leather shoes
Aside from the cupcakes (which you can drool over HERE), I also got two mini vials of the Purr fragrance for me to smell (and judge! but not to try on though, haha). I needed help in describing the scent that's why I gave the other vial to Bestie. She's a fan of Katy Perry you know, it's just sad that she's not able to attend the launch… Anyway, here's what I got…

Katy Perry, as we all know, has affinity for all thing feline. And what better way to express this side of Katy's personality than to come up with her own signature fragrance - Purr.
The bottle, like Perry, is at once sophisticated as well as playful. Beguiling and taunting - manifested in the bottle through the juxtaposition of the jeweled eyes, metallic accents, and opulent lavender coloring. Katy Perry insists on transcending barriers with her music and persona - and this is a direct correlation. - pr

Top - Peach Nectar, Green Bamboo, Forbidden Apple
Middle - Jasmine Blossom, Pink Freesia, Bulgarian Rose
Bottom - Vanilla Orchid, White Amber, Creamy Sandalwood, Skin Musk

I find the scent, unlike the bottle, not playful at all but more of like a cross between sensuality and fun! Katy Perry is fun (right?) and unquestionably sensual. Purr is also warm and is butterflies in the stomach. Or at least that's how I feel everytime I see Katy Perry do her thing onstage with her playful antics and her overly sexy personality.

Purr by Katy Perry …Guys, earn your woman's affection
Purr by Katy Perry is available in all leading department stores nationwide!
100ml Php3,700
50ml Php2,600
30ml Php2,100
Also available: Purr Gift Set (120ml body lotion, 50ml body spray, 120ml shower gel) Php3,000

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  1. the jacket seems like its real leather :)
    i bought it 2 months ago :) i love it!