Thursday, December 8, 2011


Remember the presscon of Eugene Domingo for My Househusband Ikaw Na! Well, after that we (me and the rest of my female blogger friends) had the opportunity to kill some time. The plan was, to eat (again) and… wait for the Bloggers for Globe Tattoo Ad to pop up the LED screen along Katipunan. Kanya kanyang trip lang yan!

It's story time! So here's what happened…
Ava: Sabi nila ang fierce ko sa Globe ad. Aba, makita nga.
Pax: Sabi nila special ako sa Globe ad. I don't have tattoo daw eh. Well… iba na ang popular.
Bestie: poise, poise. Remember (to self), don't scream when you see yourself on the big screen. (Striking a pose)
Melai: This is it… Ready!
Bianca: Hmm… What are we looking at here...
After an hour…
Ava: Hmph! Nakakainip na! (Breathes deeply)
Pax: Hay, I've seen myself na a million times. I don't need to see it again for the 1, 000,001 time.
Bestie: Be still… darating din yan… (first time nya kasi makikita sarili nya here)
Melai: This is it… Camera!
Bianca: Uy, ang funny ng bird! (smirking)
 After 2 hours…
Ava: Hay… kakaantok! (about to break a yawn)
Pax: Anak naman ng… ang tagal! &%$# (in her mind lang… hehe, love you pax!)
Bestie: Kakangawit ha! But still, with patience comes great responsibility (ano daw?!). Responsibility to strike a pose even if it's tiring. Fashion blogger eh.
Melai: Napapapikit na… Zzz… Need to finalize details for Bloggers United 2. Zzz..
Bianca: Uy, look oh!
Finally, after 1 week…
Ana Gonzales of The Fashionista Commuter
Melai Entuna of Style and Soul
Ava Te of Artsy Fartsy Ava
Bestie Konisis of The Capricious Club
Lauren Dado of I Am Bourgeois
Camille Co of Camille Tries To Blog

Squeals of delight and cheers from my blogger girl friends ensued… What a wonderful way to cap off the day. Well, for some of us. Pax and Melai had to stay at Jollibee to do some last minutes for Bloggers United.

PS: I wasn't able to take Pax's. My camera went on "sleep" mode waiting for the ad to pop up! Sorry Pax!


  1. Hahahaha. Love this post! Made my day. :)

  2. Love you, paul!! and dahil sayo i got home safely that day!