Monday, January 23, 2012


So many things to blog about but so little time! There's a LOT happening in the metro (READ: KATY PERRY) but I would be cheating myself, my blog, and my readers if I jump to the "current" than blog about my last trip outside Manila. So for the meantime, allow me to share where I went and what happened during my second day in Ilocos.

We went to Baluarte!!! Yes, the not so "mini" zoo of Ilocos Governor, Chavit Singson. It's been a (long) while since I last visited a zoo. Actually, I don't remember the last time I went to a zoo! Oh no, I'm hearing brain cells popping!

Here you go. Enjoy!





Look! They even have dinosaurs!

Had a quick snack with these...
Sugarcane juice with calamansi at Php20 a cup
Freshly made "special" Empanada at Php35 a piece
with my Kuya and an annoying friend.
That's it everyone! Never got the chance to take a photo of the resident tiger because she's tired and sleeping.

Baluarte is open to the public. No entrance fees whatsoever. How cool is that? And generous of Chavit too!

If you're planning to go to Ilocos and happen to be visiting Vigan, don't forget to visit Baluarte. It's like a good 10 minute ride from the town proper and did I say that entrance is free? For more info, check THIS out.

Last day: The beach and the windmills!


  1. Also went to Baluarte, and I think they are trying to make the place like the SG Zoo. :)

    Nice pictures as always ;)

    Here's my post about Vigan, but havent inc the Baluarte trip. Argh :D

  2. beautiful!!:) athan my son would super love that dinosaur!