Wednesday, January 11, 2012


So finally (in a short period of time), I got the chance to meet up with the winner of my Hang Ten x The PR Guy Win This Look contest last Saturday at Hang Ten MOA branch.
Hang Ten, MOA
Meet the winner… Julianne Yuki!

She's giving her prize to her brother Jojie. Aww… what a cool sister!

Of course, also there to support us were Rachel and Denise of The LiST Group!
Denise and Rachel. Such nice and pretty girls!
I'm sure you're excited to find out how I styled Jojie. But before anything else, allow me to refresh your memories with the winning look!
Look #2 - The Traveling Nomad
And oohh, one more thing, we had a not-so-major situation during our visit/awarding session at Hang Ten MOA! The top (button down shirt) in Jojie's size was not available! Plan B? Look for something which closely resembles the top from the winning look and most importantly, still complement the whole outfit. Fortunately, Hang Ten with its ongoing upgrade, had lots (and I mean LOTS) of items to choose from and this is what I got for Jojie in replacement of the top…

…with the rest of the look!
with me! Hehe. Hang Ten models lang ah!
and with their mom, Letty. Ang cute ni mommy!
Congratulations again Julieann! I hope we (I and Hang Ten Philippines) made you and your brother happy!

Of course, the day wouldn't be complete without an outfit shot! Here's what I wore...

Trilogy Terry glasses, Hang Ten denim button down, Hang Ten Khaki trousers, Converse Jack Purcell
Outfit photos by my driver, manong Edwin! Hehe
This 2012, Hang Ten Philippines has reasons for us to be excited! Here's what Kyle de Leon, Creative Director of Hang Ten Philippines has to say…
Excited yet? You have to! If that's not enough reason for you to be excited, here's more…

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Thanks Hang Ten Philippines! Thanks Kyle! Thanks The LiST Group! More contest and giveaways soon ok?


  1. sana yung outfit nyo naman ang next "The PR Guy Win This Look contest: :))

  2. Hi Ricalyn! Sure… Why not? Hehe

  3. Wow, ang galing naman ni Paul! :)