Thursday, January 12, 2012


Time for the big reveal! See my GQ (January 2012) peg HERE (Look #4)? Well this is the best that I came up with. Of course with the help of the following items…
1. Springfield striped sweater
2. Salsa skinny stretch jeans
3. Bench round neck shirt
4. Converse white Jack Purcell
5. Toy bubble gun
And last but most importantly, my backdrop, Enchanted Kingdom! Now see me in my GQ I see you look!
Complete with bubbles yan! Hehe...
More photos!

Additional accessory: Oris diver's watch

So what do you think? I hope I didn't disappoint. And just in case you're wondering if we went to Enchanted Kingdom just to have this shoot, no. I'm not that big of a tripper. Hehe. Be showing you some photos of our visit soon…

PS: See that green tag on my right hand? Sorry, I can't take that off. Amusement park policy… I still want to ride! Haha.

Photos by Zei

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  1. spot on, paul! kudos! im digging the jeans and the shoe. nice one! gujab!