Sunday, January 8, 2012


So I finally bought  a new / my first pair of shoes for this year. But before anything else, have you seen this post of mine? If you did, it's safe to assume that I'm a big fan of shoes. Particularly Converse! More specifically Chuck Taylors! So don't be shocked by what I'm gonna show you…

My first ever Jack Purcell!

Converse white Jack Purcell at Php2,070
Why hello there… (grins) creepy...
So why break the Chuck Taylor streak? All for the sake of my beloved blog and my GQ (the magazine) I C U segment which by the way, I'm gonna do and execute (really) well. That will be my new year's resolution!

Anyway, let me share what I wore that day…

Memo jacket, Memo white button down, Zara red shirt, Topman shoes
Pedro leather backpack, Valentino watch
It's my birthday next month that's why I'm grabbing the chance to dress up as colorfully as possible before I get any older… I want to dress up age appropriately you know.

The Breakdown:
Converse white Jack Purcell Php2,070
Total: Php2,070

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  1. gastos! hehehe seriously cute ng sneakers!:)

  2. haha. I know! all for the sake of this blog.:) Nga pala, I bought unscripted! dahil sa'yo. pero it's a good read naman. I like the visuals!